Feltbeats.com interviews Tom Felton – The Twitter Interview (Part One): New Album, “In Good Hands”

Feltbeats.com received the unique opportunity to discuss Tom Felton’s music in light of his upcoming new album, “In Good Hands.” To spice things up, we decided to solicit interview questions from the Tom Felton followers on Twitter.

Remember to keep an eye out for Tom’s new album, “In Good Hands,” which should be released on iTunes any day now.

In the next few weeks, Feltbeats.com will be releasing more of this exclusive interview with Tom Felton.

  • Part Zero, The Twitter Interview: Snitchseeker Preview
  • Friday, March 27 – Part Two, The Twitter Interview: Musical Background: Tom answers questions from tweeple about how he learned to play guitar and the songwriting process.
  • Wednesday, April 1 – Part Three, The Twitter Interview: Music & Acting: Tom discusses how acting relates to singing.
  • Friday, April 3 – Part Four, The Twitter Interview: Lyrics: Tom and Misha from Feltbeats.com get into a heated argument over the lyrics to some of Tom’s songs. Spoiler alert: He wins.

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“In Good Hands” album cover photo

Feltbeats.com: So let’s talk a little bit about the new album. Tell me how you’d compare the old one versus the new one.

Tom Felton: It’s hard for me to say because it seems like it was ages ago. I think you, and all the other people who have listened to the old stuff a lot, will be the best people to determine that. But, I would say… well, some songs aren’t as developed as before, and some songs are more developed. Some are quite recently recorded, and some are older. It’s quite a mix.

I guess it really is an album for the people that have already heard the other stuff and sort of like it. I guess, in a way. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll really be intrigued to hear what people say. You guys will be the perfect people to determine how it is different, and I’m sure I’ll agree with you.

AUDIO: Tom discusses his new album.

FB: Another Twitter question: just_like_youx3 wants to know, “What’s your favorite song from the new album?”

TF: Ahhhh, again, you know… I’m just trying to think in my head now, which ones are exactly on there… I know it sounds stupid, but there are ones that I was unsure of putting on there, so…

“If you Could Be Anywhere” was a really old song that I’d written a long time ago with just the chorus. And then, when we were Florida on holiday – I’m sorry, in Hawaii – I played that for Jade, and she was like, “Wow, who’s that?” And I was like, “It’s mine! It’s an old song.” And she said, “Are you crazy? Why don’t you record that! It’s a great song.” So it’s like… I’d already had that song written years ago, I just never did anything with it. So that one comes from that. That’s my most recent recording, and it’s the one I’m most happy with the outcome and the additional instruments and the harmonies and things like that, so that’s why I put that one on there as Track One. It’s sort of a “Yeah! Feel-good” song.

AUDIO: Tom describes his new song, “If You Could Be Anywhere.”

FB: That’s so funny you mentioned that, because I think the day you recorded it Jade wrote to me and said, “Wow, you have to hear this song he just recorded, it’s so good!” And she’d never done that before, so I knew it must have been good.

TF: Oh, really? (Laughs) So there you go. That’s cool. That’s cool. Yeah, I think it came out really well. I’m really pleased with the full version of it.

Now, Track Two, that’s “We Belong.” That’s my attempt at a bit of a ballad, I guess. Now, the first chorus, it’s only about thirty seconds long. That’s like one of my favorite thirty seconds of music that I’ve ever actually managed to produce. There are just really nice sounds going on. And, you know, it’s really about Jade, pretty much. So you know, I just felt the need to share that one.

On Track Three, that’s “When Angels Come,” again, it’s a quick one. It came to me, and I sort of recorded it within a few days. And I was pretty happy with the recording, so I thought I’d put it out there. Now, you asked me what they’re about, and “When Angels Come” is a bit of a, again, it’s quite a lovely song, I guess the idea is that, when angels come… Well, the chorus is – I’ll give you a bit of a sneak preview – “When angels come, and take me from this world, I’ll say none of you look half as good as my girl.” It goes along that line. So, it’s not really anything to do with the next life, it’s just really the idea that there are no angels out there that are as good looking as my girlfriend.

AUDIO: Tom talks about “When Angels Come.”

Track Four, “Convinced.” I really like this track lyrically. It’s one of my better songs, lyric-wise. It’s quite simple on the guitar. It’s all about Jade being WAY too honest for her own good. It’s all about, like, how she just comes out and says things: “I don’t like the color of your car. I don’t like the color of your wallpaper.” She’ll just come out with it. She completely speaks her mind and is extremely forthright and truthful. Because she is like that, when she says she loves me, I believe her. I know she’s too honest, she would never lie.

Now “Father of Mine.” It’s basically, well, it’s nothing too deep. It’s pretty simple: just one voice, one guitar. It’s just about, you know, not really seeing much of my old man over the last few years. Roughly about that.

Track Six is different. It’s the one that, I think, everyone will hate, or everyone will love, I should think. I don’t know. I’m really in two minds about it. That’s why I’m quite excited about you hearing it. It’s called “If that’s all right with you,” and again, it’s written in the stage where I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I was sort of searching for this girl. He’s sort of searching for this girl, and what he’s going to do when he finds her, so to speak. It’s a mixture of singing and sort of rapping, blended together. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

AUDIO: Tom gives details about one of his new songs, “If that’s all right with you.”

FB: Sounds like fun.

TF: It is a bit of fun. It is fun. It’s not to be taken too seriously, but the chorus is quite catchy; that’s why I hope people will see through the cringiness of the rapping. And the lyrics are quite sweet, so I’m hoping you’ll give me some allowance there.

FB: Thank you for those great descriptions! Let’s talk about the future now, and get back to some Twitter questions. Slytherinss asks if you are planning on touring?

TF: I’m not really planning on it. If there was an event that I couldn’t turn down, I’d love to. It’s sort of been a dream of mine, but, by the same token, it sort of scares the shit out of me. It’d have to be something fairly well organized or something like that. So I don’t know. I’d have to wait and see.

FB: Magicmarkers asks: If you were offered a professional record deal would you take it? Do you want to pursue your music as a career or just as a hobby?

TF: Yeah, not really. I mean, it depends on the offer. Now, if someone wants to come in and try to polish up my songs and try and put them on a CD, I’m game on for that. But as far as a big marketing campaign and trying to get myself on TV and stuff, nah, I’m not really interested in all that. I’d rather just keep it to the listeners that it has got.

And obviously keep it open for people who want to listen to it more. It’s a funny one, as much as I want it to be in the mainstream, I don’t want it to be that much in the mainstream.

FB: You haven’t had anyone who wanted to partner with you at all?

TF: No, not really. I’ve got a good friend, actually, who you see on my YouTube account; I favorited his song on YouTube. A guy called Sam Roman. He’s quite a successful producer as well as an incredibly talented musician. I worked with him for a bit.

The thing is, I don’t know, it’s funny, I’m quite a quick guy. I can finish a song within a day. Whereas these guys are taking about, like, a week to write it, a week to record the guitar, a week to record all the vocals. And it’s… it’s not that I get bored with it, I’m just ready to move on in twenty hours, really. That’s why I said a lot of my songs are half-finished, because I have recorded them, then I’ve just left them. So now I’ve gone through all those, so I had more songs for the album.

FB: Well, it seems things are really rolling now with the iTunes…

TF: Yeah, yeah. It wasn’t at first, but now it is starting to pick up. You know, it’s interesting, I can see a breakdown on the website of where the purchases are being made; sixty percent is in the U.S. There was, like, two people in Japan who bought my album, so here is a shout-out to them.

FB: Did you notice Brazil on there?

TF: I don’t know. No, I don’t remember it; there were a few European countries, but I have received a little bit of Brazilian interest from fans and whatever, and that’s great. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil, so it’s good to make some friends before I go out there.

FB: It seems to me that, you know, you’ve got lots of fans in the U.S. and in the U.K., but I’ve had lots of people tell me that you’re big in Brazil. They’ll say, “Oh yeah, Tom Felton is the bomb in Brazil.”

TF: Really?

FB: Especially in terms of Harry Potter, I’m told you’re like the most popular actor in Brazil.

TF: Oh! Well, rock on! That’s the place I need to go! Yeah, I’d fancy that.

Thanks so much Tom! We’ll post the next part of the interview on Friday!

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  1. excellent interview misha, loved it! so this is just a hobby then, interesting? same response from rob pattinson about hism usic. i cant wait for the next part! wish i could hear it all on audio. lol, but this is fine. but wow so many fans in the US and more than the UK..amazing. what touched me is track six, when he said no angel is prettier than his girl. 😀 i want a guy like him! she’s honest, eh? cool, me too. but im not that honest cos i dont like hurting people’s feelings. im glad he’s found a great girl, maybe their soul mates. wouldnt be surprised myself if they get married and live together forever.

    your so lucky misha, i envy thee :lol:. thanks so much for all the work you do! and of course thanks to tom! <333

  2. Awesome interview. Can’t wait for the album. Wondering what the rapping will sound like. Thanks again Misha!

  3. Oh man! I don’t have words…thanks again and again Misha, Tom and Jade you are AWESOME!!!!
    “Tom Felton is the bomb in Brazil.” ah sure you are Tom! 😀

  4. Great interview :mrgreen: Looking forward to read the next parts.
    It’s sad that Tom doesn’t have much contact with his Dad, because he sounds like he really wants to have:(

    • Yeah that is really sad 😥 Always sucks to not have much contact with a parent. I always wondered why his Dad was never mentioned.

  5. Now, this is weird 😕 …I thought I had already posted a comment back over here,earlier on this morning 😆 …Oh, well, the system has probably eaten my contribution again :mrgreen: !

    It’s sad that Tom doesn’t have much contact with his Dad, because he sounds like he really wants to have:(

    I agree with you, Lou. It’d be wonderful if they could get in touch again 😉 .

    Now let’s wait for the next part 😉 .

    With Love,


  6. :mrgreen: 😀 😆 OMG!

    I’d just read it! Can’t wait to listen the whole new album.
    Thanks so much feltbeats.com for the questions about Brazil.
    Tom, you definetly have to come and visit Brazil. We’ll love to show it all to you. God, now Tom made my day! Probably I’ll keep dreaming about his visit for months 🙄

    Thanks to Jade, cause she makes him happy.

    Love you guys.

    Tom, thanks again! Brazil is waiting for you

  7. Oh Yeah! Tom is the bomb in Brazil, rock on baby! Come here and we’ll show you what’s the meaning of FANS! hahaha! Thank you so much for letting Tom know about us Misha. You’re the best. 😀

    • hey, here we go. Another Brazilian I didn’r know. 😆 That’s so great!
      Don’t you think Tom would love our country? :mrgreen:

  8. sweets! one part down 3 more to go! XD wish i would have submitted my question in though. T_T screw up on my part. oh well.

  9. WOW! i feel so special that I was correct about the rapping. i wonder if it will be any good? i’ve never heard a british boy rap!

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  13. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! tom could you write a song for me called nimbus 2002 I would really like that but add drums to it and send the song to me when it’s ready OK your american pal teddy

  14. Tom seems really cool, I hope to meet a guy like him when I’m a bit older:) Oh by the way… If you talk to him anytime soon, tell him hes got HEAPS of fans in Australia, we love him here! Thanks for posting the interview

  15. looooove the pic on the cover of the album.
    *sigh* i know, i think everyone wants a guy like tom. 🙂

    lots of luck to u tom! keep on singing for your fans all over the world;)

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