Tom attends London screening of new film Canyon Del Muerto

The official Instagram of Tom’s new film Canyon Del Muerto has posted some photos of Tom, the movie’s director Coerte Voorhees, and his co-stars attending a screening of the film in London this week.

Members of our brilliant cast and crew came together at the Ham Yard Hotel for the London screening of #CanyonDelMuertoFilm@t22felton, Abigail Lawrie, @4tunelloyd@hanakofootman, director Coerte Voorhees and more joined forces to tell the true story of Ann Axtell Morris, North America’s first female archaeologist. Stay tuned for the details! 

Photos by: @thatphotographershoib and @oliviarossphotography_


Tom plays Earl Halstead Morris, Ann Axtell Morris’ husband, and fellow archeologist, believed to be one of the inspirations of Indiana Jones.

See the other images below:

Release dates for Tom Felton’s book ‘Beyond The Wand’ in other countries

You all know Tom Felton’s book is coming out soon (we reported here) and he’s going on a book tour (we reported here). The book will also be published in other languages and various release dates for other countries have now been published.

Here are the countries and dates:

Brazil – 18th October 2022 – click here
(Note: The first edition comes with an exclusive poster)

Germany – 5th November 2022 – click here

Italy – 15th November 2022 – click here

France – 12th April 2023 – click here

Do you know other countries, then let us know.