Tom Felton Talks Sectumsempra!

A new Tom Felton interview appears in the May issue of Total Film Magazine. In it he talks about filming the sectumsempra scene in the upcoming Half Blood Prince.

Tom says of the emotional confrontation between his character of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter (Dan Radcliffe): “It was great. We spent a week in this misty bathroom set, rolling around in the water having all sorts of fights. Its a longer sequence than it is than in the book.” The article continues: “There is blood-but also some fleshing out. This film develops the character further than before,” he says. “We take the chance to explain why he’s such a complete cretin, that he’s not just doing it for the sake of doing it.”
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18 thoughts on “Tom Felton Talks Sectumsempra!

  1. This is one of the scenes I’m most looking forward to! I know it’s going to be intense, and I’m so glad they decided to extend it from the book.

  2. I can´t freaking wait!!!
    Finally I can say to my brother: See?? I told you that forever! Draco isn´t just a self-centred, egomaniac, arrogant piece of work. He´s got reasons why he acts like that!

  3. I am sooo glad to hear they are extending the scene instead of chopping it up. I was so worried about that because it is such a crucial part in the revealing/development of Draco’s character.

    So exciting…can’t wait! xx

  4. The H/D fanfic writers are in 7th heaven with that news. I had to laugh when I read it.

    I am very happy to see Draco’s story getting told in more detail in the movie. He is a bad guy who seems to need exploration as opposed to how he could have been acted by someone who stirred no such response.

    • “The H/D fanfic writers are in 7th heaven with that news.”

      Sure we are. LOL. I mean, it’s funny that they give us what we want, isn’t it? But I repeat: we ship Harry/Draco, not… well, you get it, I can’t seem to say it aloud.

      Anyway, I’m glad Draco’s story is being told in much details that were so clear for everyone to see in the whole series, not only in HBP.

      • Oh, man. My friend and I were thrilled with the news. Time to share it with fellow H/D fans! 😀

        I think I understand what you mean though. 🙂 Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), we ship that too! Haha.

        • Whatcha think I’m doing right now. I mod an H/D section in a forum, and I already shared the news with them.

          But… You serious? LOL.
          Would be interesting, I just think I would die :mrgreen:

  5. omg!! i cannot wait any longer.. i have 2 see dis movie!! like nowz!!… it is gonna be the best 1 evr made!! so much amazing tings are happening!! iz uncomprehesible.. wow! }=^O this scene den da malfoy mannor scene.. dracoz expination and tranformation.. gosh is like dis book is Draco Malfoy and the Half Blood Prince. lolzz… }^]

  6. Actually I`m lokking forward too seeing all the draco- versus-Harry-scenes, you know when draco stepps on harrys face and of course that scene in the bathroom! 😆

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