Feltbeats.com interviews Tom Felton – The Twitter Interview (Part Three): Music and acting

Feltbeats.com received the unique opportunity to discuss Tom Felton’s music in light of his upcoming new album, “In Good Hands.” To spice things up, we decided to solicit interview questions from the Tom Felton followers on Twitter.

Remember to keep an eye out for Tom’s new album, “In Good Hands,” which should be released on iTunes any day now (you hear that iTunes! Any day now!!).

Feltbeats.com will be releasing more of this exclusive interview with Tom Felton, but the last day will be this Friday!

Because this is titled the “Twitter Interview,” I should remind you to follow Tom Felton and Feltbeats on Twitter!

Feltbeats.com: Before we get into more music questions, I wanted to ask you about Twitter. [Follow Tom on Twitter, click here!] I think it’s been really great for you! It seems like you enjoy it?

Tom Felton: It’s been fun, I won’t lie! I was a bit skeptical at first because I’m not good at these internet things, like Facebook or MySpace. As you well know, [Misha]! (Laughs) But then I got an iPhone, and I was looking at all these things to do with it and Twitter was actually one of the first things I installed. So now I always have it on me, and whenever I have a moment of blank thought I’ll check my replies and all that. I’m actually genuinely finding it interesting.

FB: And how cool is it to have more than 15,000 people wanting to know about what you’re doing and wanting to listen to what you have to say!

TF: Yeah, yeah! A while ago – I can’t remember what I asked – but a while ago I asked a question on Twitter and a few people replied to me, “Well, why don’t you just Google it?” But, you see, I don’t want the RIGHT answer, I want the FUNNY answer! I mean, I can ask these people anything and they always come back with these crazy, hilarious replies. It is so fun!

FB: Well, it’s really nice that you’re actually engaging the audience, which makes following you so much more interesting! And now your friend and Harry Potter co-star, Matt Lewis, who plays Neville, is also on Twitter. Are you following him?

TF: Yeah, yeah, I am! “Mattdavelewis.” He’s actually the same as me with Twitter – he didn’t really fancy it at first, but then he got an iPhone and the rest is history. And it’s great because he and I keep in better touch because of it. Twitter is great because it helps you keep in touch with people you SHOULD be keeping in touch with.

FB: I didn’t know that much about him before, but after following him on Twitter… he’s got a really cute personality!

TF: Oh, he’s a character!

FB: Yeah, and this whole thing he’s got going on with Chris Cousins – this contest they have? [More info: Lewis Vs Cuzzy Blog, click here!]

TF: Yeah, those two are a funny bunch. Have you ever heard of Ant and Dec?

FB: What? Ant and what? Ummm, I don’t think so.

TF: Basically, it’s like the English version of… I don’t know what the American version would be, like Jay Leno and Oprah together. It’s like the Ultimate British Super Duo. They present all the reality TV programs over in England. And, basically, I think Matt and Chris would be great for that. They’ll be the next big thing. I just think they’re very funny, naturally.

FB: Well, they’re getting a lot of followers; maybe they can get something started.

TF: Yeah, definitely. I’ll be looking out for some work, I tell ya. I’ll be looking out.

FB: Now we’re going to ask some questions relating to acting, and sort of how it relates to music. So, deep_friedoreos wants to know: Haveyou ever been able to relate your music to your acting or vice versa?

TF: Mmmmmm, no. I won’t lie, I’ve never thought about singing from the perspective of a character in a play. Though it’s quite an interesting idea, especially how the Draco and the Malfoys band has done it. I would have thought I’d have a quite good perspective on how Draco sees things, maybe that’s idea for future reference.

AUDIO: Tom talks about music and acting.

FB: This is a bit of a side question for my personal interest, but I actually find it very interesting how much you are very different from Draco–

TF: Well, thank you!

FB: — but yet you relate to him so closely. You really identify with him. Sometimes you say “my house” when referring to Malfoy Manor and “my dad” when referring to Lucius. Maybe it is because you’ve been involved with Harry Potter for so long.

TF: Oh, sure, sure. Very much so. I won’t lie, I feel very proud and all the rest of it. And, I would never say this in front of Jo Rowling or anything like that, but I feel like he’s my character. Someone told me, “oh he would be like this,” and I feel like saying, “No.”

That’s really the charm of the recent directors of Harry Potter, is that they ask you what Draco would do. They don’t tell you. They know you know him better than they do. So, I guess it is kind of strange. You’re right, I am nothing like him, but yet I feel very close to him. Occasionally, you know, I’ll catch sort of a Draco stare in the mirror, and I’ll think, “Oh yeah, now I remember that.”

FB: Oh, that’s funny!

TF: It’s a bit of a stone-eyed face, and I think, “Oh, that’s the one.”

AUDIO: Tom discusses how he feels close to Draco.

FB: Okay, back to the music stuff.

TF: I know, I’m bad, I go off on a tangent, don’t I?

FB: Oh, that one was my fault! Okay, so someoneingrey and chekkieross both ask: Do you prefer acting or singing/songwriting? If you had to choose one, which would it be?

TF: I would say I couldn’t choose. Definitely acting in the respect of what I want to do and what I want to achieve in my life. But music is a hobby that will always be there. I don’t think if someone came up to me now and said, “Hey, let’s make you the next male Taylor Swift.” I wouldn’t really want to do that, to be honest with you. I’m really happy with my nice little community fan-base. This is nice and friendly. And as much as I want to advertise it, I don’t want it to be all over the news and stuff like that.

FB: You don’t want to get too commercial…

TF: Yeah, yeah. I’m happy with the recognition it’s got.

AUDIO: Tom talk about going commercial.

FB: Have you ever considered musical theater?

TF: Yeah, definitely, I’m a big fan of musical theater. I recently watched Blood Brothers. My brother was in that as a child and I watched him do that. There’s a part in that that I’d love to play. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the story?

FB: Nu uh…

TF: The long and the short of it is that there are two brothers – twins. And they get separated at birth, and one of them goes with a rich family and one of them goes with the poor. And then later on in life they realize they’re brothers. It’s a brilliant story on many levels, and I’d love to do that. Definitely.

It’s not something I have much experience in, but I have some amateur theater experience. But as far as singing on stage, I’d probably need to give it a bit of training. But, definitely, I’d love to do something like that.

AUDIO: Tom talks about doing a live performance.

FB: That would be very fun.

TF: Mmm, definitely, I love the idea of performing live. A live performance sounds great.

FB: Gosh, I think I would be so nervous. But I guess if I was comfortable with my singing I think it would be fun.

TF: Again, depending on the song. As I said earlier, I wouldn’t consider myself any sort of singer at all. I’d never be able to hit the high C. It’d have to be a sort of mediocre tune for me to keep up with it, I think.

FB: Okay, now on to another question. xxbluemoonxx asks: What question about your music do you wish a fan would ask you but never did?

TF: I’m sure there are questions that I’d like to be asked, but when I’m asked that, I can never think of anything. Oh my God, I don’t know. I enjoy questions about it! I mean, as much as I enjoy questions about filming, it’s not really my domain, but I love the idea of people being interested in why and how the songs were written. I have an active interest in not only how the songs were written, but really how the idea of the song came about. Like, when did Paul McCartney sit down with John and say, let’s do this and this on this track, whatever. It must have happened at some point.

I’ve actually got a track that I really want to share, but I haven’t. I love to send it to you just so you can see what you think… and maybe share it with a close network. It’s a short track of me, SC and RC, when we were jamming in the studio. None of us know what we’re going to play, and we suddenly come up with this tune. And I think it is a pretty cool song. I really want to share it with the world, but it’s not really shareable at this point because it’s so rough. I’ll pass it on to you as a fan. The reason why I love it is that it actually documents the moment when the song came into being, if that makes sense.

FB: Wow, the birth of a song! You all just, like, started playing the same thing? How does that even work?

TF: Yeah, we had been jamming together for about twenty-five minutes and SC says, “I’m not feeling very creative today.” We weren’t really coming up with anything good! Then, I started playing a little riff that I’d been working on, SC immediately started to find the right over notes on the other guitar, then RC warms the drums up, and the rest is history. It was brilliant!

Before that, that song never existed. This is genuine song-making recorded in the making. No one knew what we were going to play, but this once, it worked really well, I think. SC and RC and I really enjoy playing together, and I have always wanted to be in a band with these guys. They are extremely talented, and, although this recording is really rough, it highlights the beauty of making music together. When someone adds something completely new to a song, they contribute to the mood of the song and the feeling of the recording. RC and SC really made this fun to play, so shout outs to them!

FB: Are there lyrics and everything?

TF: Yes, it was originally recorded on one mic, with the two guitars, a drum kit and me trying to sing! So I went over the voice recording lightly a day later. So the two voices are, in fact, just me! One from that day, and one from the recording later. I will send it to you!

[Note from Misha: Of course, I LOVED the song and really wanted to share it with other Feltbeats fans, so I asked Tom if I could include it with this interview. He agreed, and I would like to thank him so much for sharing this with his fans!

But, I ask two things from our readers:

1. We are tracking how many plays the song gets to encourage Tom to release more songs and recordings this way, so please don’t remove the song from this site except for personal use.

2. Please let Tom know how much you like the song in the comments below!]


By Tom Felton
With Tom and SC on guitar and RC on drums

SC: I’m not feeling very creative today.

TF: (Begins playing a tune) I don’t need need no clever conversation… just need a [inaudible] so I can…

One, two, three, four…

TF: (When RC starts on the drums and SC joins on guitar) Oh yeah… Oh! Hello! Welcome one, welcome all!

‘Cause I don’t need….

‘Cause I don’t need no clever conversation
Just need to lead a life without hesitation. (Oh well..)
I don’t need no fancy restaurants to eat,
Just serve me Burger King and give it to me under my tree.

Awww and she…
‘Cause she’s the one who wakes me up when I’m feeling down.
And she…
She’s the one who kisses me when she sees that frown.
And she…
She don’t even know quite what she does for me.

Here’s my chance to tell her that I love her.

Hey! Hmmm. Oh!

AUDIO: Jam session with TF, SC and RC entitled, “She.”

[Note from Misha: I asked Tom later to explain the reference about the tree: apparently, he has a favorite tree up on Box Hill! 🙂 Also, since I know you’ll ask, he HAS done a “proper” recording of this song, and he hopes to include that on his next album (due out in a few months). However, the lyrics have been changed and the name of the song will be “We.” If you like the song and want him to include it, please post something in the comments below!]

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