Is that a ducky? Another dose of Tom Felton pics & vids

Even more pics and video’s of Tom in Paris.  I’m starting to feel like I actually attended…

Rubber ducky, you're the one.

As I was saying...

Thanks, Estrella89san!

And from our faithful readers Marie2aline and her friend Miss Theophano…

Thanks, everyone, for being so generous with all your photos and videos. You’re the best!

For even more new photos from these lovely gals, click here!

17 thoughts on “Is that a ducky? Another dose of Tom Felton pics & vids

  1. OMG They totally mentioned the rumor about Tom being in Twilight as Riley. I may no speak French, but I understood that much.

  2. Aw,the duck is so cute! And it’s even cuter with Tom holding it! 😳 Omg,did you guys see that Draco Malfoy poster? So hot! 😆

  3. It’s like the fans are all cool and collected!
    If i went, i would’ve felt nervous, have been shaking, feeling kinda sick and probably would’ve been freaking out!

  4. Holy crap, French in college *finally* paid off! I actually understood the interview questions and, yay, even French reporters are asking about Tom playing in Eclipse. Sweet!

  5. That blue duck intrigued me, too. And thought immediately to Twitter’s bird, although it looks more to a Tweety bird than to a ducky, actually. Thank you all for your generosity. You’ve made not only one day, but my week! Gob Bless You!

    With Love,


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