8 thoughts on “New Tom Felton clip in latest “Half-Blood Prince” spot

  1. I saw this on Tv last night. 😀
    I think it’s gonna send a wrong message to people that Draco is jealous of Harry and Ginny dating 😉

    • Haha, I thought that as well. My mom and I saw it and I was like

      “Well that was misleading”;)
      and shes like, “Yeah, going to get the Harry/Draco shippers exicted now.” :mrgreen:


  2. Whoever edited this clip gets mad props from me for that subtle Draco-is-jealous-of-Ginny sequence right there. My favorite HBP spot so far lol.

  3. OMG I wish Draco was actually jealous lol. Draco/Ginny would be a strange twist… But why is Ginny taking the book (presumably the Half-Blood Prince’s book) from Harry?

    Tom looks hot in this 😀

    Ron – “I think I love her” LOLOLOLOL!

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