Win a chance to meet Tom Felton! (Oh, and also you get two tickets to fly to New York for the premiere of “Half-Blood Prince”)

HotTopic has announced a new contest where one grand-prize winner will receive:

  • Two (2) Round-Trip Airfare Tickets
  • Hotel Accommodations, One (1) Room for Three (3) Nights
  • Two (2) Tickets to the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

The winner will be able to meet Tom Felton in person after the premiere!

Contest ends June 26th, so hurry!

Click here to enter!

Thanks to bserlori for the tip and the photo.

17 thoughts on “Win a chance to meet Tom Felton! (Oh, and also you get two tickets to fly to New York for the premiere of “Half-Blood Prince”)

  1. And offcourse only for US again !!!!!! So go US feltbeats army girls enter and win this thing!!!!!!
    GOOD LUCK Shanajaca

  2. omg wat only for the US wat about the rest of the world… stingey……is there gonna be a premiere in australia with all the cast?

  3. Only for U.S.?? 🙁
    Americans get all the luck!
    What about us poor Australian fans?? *sigh*
    So jealous of whoever wins this! haha

  4. Thank you BSerlori for the most awesome tip, and thank you Misha for posting the awesome news!

  5. omg! that contest is the day of my birthdayy!
    july 9!
    if i win that would be the BEST gift ever.
    but good luck to everyone.

  6. indeed! poor australian fans always get jipped =(

    oh well, good luck to anyone that enters – if you win, you will be the envy of many fans, so make the most of it =)

  7. This is a cool contest, but’s only for US residents? Okey, good luck everyone who enters.

  8. What about germans? That would have been a f****** good reason to visit my amercan cous! but of course its only for the u.s? is it any wonder?
    good luck though! 😀

  9. Damn, just for the U.S, I feel depressed…Good luck to all feltbeats army members (from the U.S)!

  10. Lol, July 9th is my birthday too!

    I don’t think the US is very lucky when it comes to Harry Potter. I think it’s the UK that’s lucky because Tom Felton lives there and only brits can be in the movies! That’s not fair 😥

  11. i agree casey thats not really fair that only US people get it
    Us Aussies never get a chance to see tom 😥

    He should come to australia!

  12. OMG I entered!!!! Cross your fingers everyone because I will cry if I lose (which I probably will..)! My dreams will have come true if I win!!!

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