French press videos of Tom Felton in Paris

Here are a couple more videos of Tom in Paris at the Fnac signing last week.  These are specials from various news outlets that have just recently been uploaded to YouTube. Thanks to Estrella89san for finding them for us!

Interview of Tom at 1:19-2:21 and 4:34-4:38 with plenty of screen time between 🙂


One thought on “French press videos of Tom Felton in Paris

  1. To be asked if one would be tempted by the Dark Side, is indeed a tricky question, I’ve to agree with Tom regarding it. However, it’s true that according to my own experience of it, you may be able to give a hand to the Good Side, due to one’s familiarities with the latter’s ropes, if I may express it that way. Tom, you’re doing just fine, just fine! Thank you!

    With Love,


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