Tom Felton discusses Harry Potter & his hair for


Estrella89san has found this fabulous sit-down interview of Tom, Bonnie, Oliver and James on from when they were in Paris for the Fnac Harry Potter press event.  I call it fabulous because it was not at the signing but a scheduled sit-down portion (and Tom’s wearing a different outfit!).  They all answer a series of questions about HP, and yes, Tom even discusses hiding behind his hair (or lack thereof). 🙂




7 thoughts on “Tom Felton discusses Harry Potter & his hair for

  1. great interviews!!
    Although, I think Tom’s delusional if he thinks we wont recognise him if he cuts his hair off!
    haha, I think we’d recognise him if he grew a beard and died his hair. haha

    • You know, the director for The Disappeared said he didn’t recognize Tom with his shaved head when Tom auditioned. So he might not be able to hide from his fans, but from everyone else, he might! =)

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