18 thoughts on “New pics of Tom Felton from the “The Disappeared” Q&A Event

  1. Okay, now I love Tom, and when it comes to critiquing him,I’ll be honest: Tom looks a bit goofy in these pictures. I dunno how or why, but he seems that way. But I love the guy, he is just soo sexy and gorgeous!

    • Heeeey no critiquing of Tom… this is Feltbeats.com. LOL!

      I’m going to edit your post and change “a bit goofy” to “amazingly and remarkably unbelievably awesome!” ok? Ok!

      • Now now Misha, you know I didn’t mean any harm! lmao! 😆 oh alright you can go right ahead and do that. You’re the boss! Just leave the last part of my comment alone! Lol!

  2. Love Love Love the shorter hair! Look at how different he looks in these new photos and that large bad photo of him on the home page of this website. I do like Tom in those photos he has with the longer hair he used on twitter page but over all to me shorter is better. Maybe I am just from the generation that like men with short preppy (does that word give my age away?) clean cut hair. 🙂 The color does look a bit yellow instead of White so I see why they went back to re-color it

      • No I don’t like it at all. I think he looks really tired in it and worn out a bit and I don’t like the scruffy face but the smirk is cute 🙂

  3. I love the Draco look!!! I think I like his Draco hair the best right now than the other movies (Besides the first two!). But I still love the long Tom hair!!!

  4. i don’t care what anyone says, im a fan of the short hair, all the way! in the pics of him with the short hair, he seems more relaxed to me, like he can be himself when he’s like that. 🙂

  5. I actually prefer this hair style for Draco than what we’ve seen of his HBP hair. Looks smoother and more charming (if hair can do that?)lol

    But for Tom – the longer hair defo suits him best! Such as in the Twitter promo pic. 🙂

  6. I like the new hair of Tom, but I must admit that I like him with longer hair better. 🙂

    The colour of hair makes no difference, because I believe that every colour stands to him, except red. 😉

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