New pic of Tom Felton in Cinemania Magazine

Mexico’s Cinemania magazine features a lengthy article on Tom’s new film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in theatre’s July 15. It features a new still photo of Tom as Draco from the same shoot as the black and white promotional image released last August. You can see that photo by clicking here.

To see the entire page with Tom’s picture, please click here. To read the entire article (in Spanish) featuring new photos of Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman, and many others, check out

7 thoughts on “New pic of Tom Felton in Cinemania Magazine

  1. It would be great if this very photo was released into the French press, as a postcard into a magazine (for instance, the magazine ONE), at the same time as the movie, for my homemade bookmark is dating a bit, now. Time to change it is getting nearer, I think. Besides, it’s the most adorable photo of Tom as Draco I’ve ever seen so far. Reason more!!

    With Love,


    • i agree with you, its a very good magazine indeed, and the pics are great; im from mexico and it´s very rare to find magazines with good and reliable interviews here. thanx cinemanía!

  2. Hmm… he almost doesn’t look mean enough. lol

    Actually, this is how I would think Draco would look in something like a family portrait. Good pic. I am always amazed at how different Tom looks when he’s in “Draco” mode.

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