New Photos of Tom Felton with HBP Cast and Crew

Today Tom and the rest of the cast and crew of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince attended a photocall at Claridge’s Hotel in London, England. Photos of Tom and fellow cast mates Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, David Yates, David Barron, David Heyman, Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon, Bonnie Wright and Jessie Cave are now viewable in our galleries.

Source: Snitchseeker

33 thoughts on “New Photos of Tom Felton with HBP Cast and Crew

  1. SQUEEE!!!

    These are great and I’m really getting fired up for HBP now! Tom and Dan with their arms around each other…. *swoons*

    Emma looks great, but what the heck was Jessie thinking when she left home in that monstrosity!

  2. It’s just great seeing all of them dressed up casually and unformally, and to be very happy to be together. Jeans and a (black or not) shirt really looks good on Tom, it works for me. Emma is as fashionable as ever, while Jessie seems a bit…excentric into her outfit, if you ask me!

    With Love,


    • They all look nice, I am sure Jessie was told it would be a good idea for her to stay in character as the newest “member”, alas it was a bad choice, but Tom looks fine. I love tucked in shirts and shiny shoes. Looking Lovely Today!!!

  3. Pics are great! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. Love the dark shirt on Tom – just looks fabulous with the light hair.

  4. DANG he looks good! Does anyone know if the bracelet was something he got on his own or if it was a gift from his girlfriend? (I’m assuming he has one since I read an interview that said his girlfriends was Jade) I’ve been seeing that bracelet around…

  5. holy -beep-

    when i saw those pictures, I was like “whoa, talk about being a ken doll.” they all look great 😀 the black shirt really suits tom’s blonde hair.

  6. lol @ jessie’s attire! she looks out of place, the other 5 seems to be very close while she… well, she doesn’t look like she belongs.. and OMG,, bonnie is taller than dan!! not so good to look at..

  7. WOA————–what the hell?????!!!

    I really don´t understand it.

    Ok, remember how I said that long hair suited him way better than his short (military) style?

    I´ve never even been a fan of THIS (above) shortness before—-BUT—he´s just styled it so good right there.

    Really cool. It looks even better than the longer hair he had going on before. But it´s not even that…..hmm….I don´t know how to put it…..I have always though that Tom was a great actor.

    But he´s like “shining” (cheesy, I know!!) lately. To use another phrase—he seems so in sync these past few months. Very confident with the person he is.

    Really good to see.

    (you know how I used to say that it would be hard for him in movies? Not for lack of talent, but rather the receding hairline…..hey, things like that DO count in the movieindustry….well, if he´s gonna style his hair like this, I don´t see no problem in that departement anymore.

    Hope to see more of him in the future—and I´m sure I will.

    (I always kept telling people that he would be the one to really make it—not the golden trio- since they only get attention because of their roles right now. Tom on the other hand has real talent.)

  8. First – WTH is Dan wearin, and his hair, just WTH! lol
    I like Jessie;s clothes but i like crazy n different.
    And Tom… Tom dressed like that, esp. with the short hair makes me think of Ken. Like as in Barbie n Ken. lol

    Good pics tho!

  9. One tiny bit of critic though…..he should grow out the hair on his left (right, from his point of view) side a bit—it should reach beyond his brow.

  10. I like the outfit of Tom. The Jeans and the black shirt look fantastic on him. But, I do not like the hairstyle from Dan.

  11. Dan looks kinda awkward trying to put his arms around Rupert’s and Bonnie’s shoulders. He’s too short.

    Tom looks great!

  12. LOL! The second and third cracked me up, Rupert looked really funny. Jessie looks weird in the clothes. Dan looks….different. Emma, gorgeous as usual. And finally the best for last, Tom look AMAZING!

  13. Best dressed dude in the pictures hands down.

    It’s about time our boy Tom got his shine on.

    He deserves it.

  14. Waaaw Tom is really cute in those pick! I love his black shirt, it’s perfect… Wanna make my fingers slide inside it lol… Hem, sorry.

  15. amazing!! tom looks absolutely fab!! Rupert looks well..which is good }^] emma looks good, jessie’s out fit is a bit…off… nd dan..*tries 2 hold in laughter* ..well althou he usualy looks good..this time he kinda looks like a monkey! a cute monkey but a monkey in the least..lmao! srry dan..but it is true }^]
    Tom looks amazing thou!!! }^]

  16. the pics look great.tom as usual looks too not being biasd here coz i like him.its true.emma is beautiful.but im sad that daniel doesnt look as good as i xpected.he was so cute.i think its all the growing up thing.but over all its nice too see them all together.

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