Tom Felton’s style “rocks” according to MTV

It may not be a red carpet event, but the style was flying today at the UK Photocall for the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As photos from the event have come in, we have diligently been adding them to our galleries.

A recent article about the event came from MTV’s Hollywood Crush, which had this to say about the style of Tom and his cast-mates.

The young stars of the film had more variety. Tom Felton, who has grown up so much since “Sorcerer’s Stone,” and Bonne Wright stayed low-key, rocking black tops and dress jeans.

To read more of what MTV’s Hollywood Crush thought of the style behind the stars, click here.

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s style “rocks” according to MTV

  1. love how great Tom looks, and I loved the article, it was quite funny, I loved the comment about Dan dressing up as Pete Wentz, And Jesse looking like she raided a closet, and nearly died laughing when they asked the HP girls to not wear high heels as not to make the guys look any shorter. Great Work on the site.

  2. How dashing Tom looks.Oh! so sweet.So smart.Dan isn’t looking good.Dan isn’t so smart like Tom. Rupert is good. But Tom is the best.

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