9 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton on GMTV Now Online

  1. Lovely! He talked a lot, looked lovely and happy and this was great! I confess that I love the hair!!! It is so very, very nice to see Tom and some of the other HP kids do so nicely in interviews. Even if it is an act or a prepared alter ego, it is pleasant to see and hear.

  2. Ah i watched it this morning but ahd to see it again. He is very good looking isn’t he lol. I like the ‘barnet’ line & when he said oh lordy.

    Is it weird i love his jeans?

    • Why are some bits not in it? There were some things about how he is contracted to keep his hair that way..


    • No it is not weird to love his jeans, cuz I do too. and I also loved the Bonnet line, it made me giggle like a school girl. LOL I love to see him being recognized for his talent.

  3. Oh my god, he was awesome. He looks great with bleached hair. and i loved his shirt. “Hence the Barnet” was my favourite line. He is really sweet

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