Tom Felton & Dan Radcliffe discuss Rob Pattinson

At yesterday’s press conference, Tom and Dan were asked how they felt concerning former co-star Robert Pattinson and his rise to fame in the Twilight saga. They told Digital Spy:

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton have revealed that they are happy for former co-star Robert Pattinson following his success in Twilight.

The actors, who play Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy respectively, appeared alongside Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) in 2005’s Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire, the fourth instalment in the wizard franchise.

Speaking at a press conference, Radcliffe said: “I won’t pretend we’re best mates or knew each other really well but we really enjoyed working with each other, or at least I enjoyed working with him! He’s doing brilliantly, which is fantastic.

“The thing that is interesting for me, is that Twilight is the only other franchise that comes close to Potter in terms of the mania that surrounds it, the attention that the leads get and just how global it is.”

Felton added: “It’s just great to see someone who has been in Harry Potter have a life after it, and a much bigger one! So I wish him all the success and I will see Twilight soon, I promise!”

If you remember, previously reported on the rumors of Tom joining Rob on the set of the vampire series. If anything comes of those, we will let you know.

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton & Dan Radcliffe discuss Rob Pattinson

  1. I hope he plays Riley in Eclipse. After seeing the HBP trailer last year I was like he should totally play Riley

    • Me too;) I agree! I hope Summit asks him to play Riley Btw doesn’t Eclipse start shooting in mid August? I hope they can make it possible so that Tom can work on Deathly Hallows and Eclipse without one hampering the other.

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  3. I like Tom, Dan is really odd though, in personality and looks. He’s just weird…

    I hope Tom works on his acting coz I would like to see him in Eclipse, its the best Twilgiht book.
    Hopefully his acting has improved in HBP coz Dan’s obviously has not. Even from the trailers its embarrasing.

    • I agree with you. Dan’s acting has gotten from good to worse and so his sense of style-he looked dorky here or maybe it’s just me. And yes I would also love to see Tom in Eclipse.

  4. in my opinion dan has definitely improved as an actor just watch the first film compared to the last
    what we need to worry about is kristen stewart honestly however i do believe tom would be great as riley

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