Tom Felton confirms it: Yes, he played in the mud with Daniel Radcliffe

As reported the other day, we asked Daniel Radcliffe if the rumors of he and Tom playing cricket in the mud were true. While the mud part was true, he adamently denied the boxer shorts aspect of it (we don’t blame him!) and insisted that we ask the question of Tom for his reaction.

So, of course, we did.

During a short press line he attended before the Hot Topic event on last Friday, Feltbeats Admin BSerLori asked Tom the same question posed to Daniel. We wouldn’t tell him who our reliable source was, either. 😉

To make the enjoyment factor higher on this non-traditional press line question, went ahead and edited Tom and Dan’s reactions and answers into one easily viewable, laughable clip. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton confirms it: Yes, he played in the mud with Daniel Radcliffe

  1. Hooray! I was looking forward to seeing both reactions together 🙂

    Good job on the vids, and I envy you all for being able to actually see Dan and Tom and ask them!

  2. OMG! That was so funny! Tom just had this amazing “W-what?” expression! That incredulous look was just so cute! Hahaha! I wish I could have seen that cricket match. I’ve still got to play against my brother, though. I need to practice more before I do, though.

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