Tom Felton “Off the Cuff with Peter Travers” Now Online received word from Rolling Stone itself that Tom’s interview with Peter Travers has now been published online. For those of you following Tom’s tweets, you know he met with Peter last Friday during his promotional tour of Harry potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Rolling Stone introduced the video with the following blurb:

In Peter Travers’ second “Off the Cuff” interview — an informal chat in his office where Hollywood stars are grilled on a variety of topics — Rolling Stone’s movie critic breaks out his own magic wand (which looks like a blunt, he points out) for Tom Felton, who plays loathsome bully Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films (read Travers’ review of the sixth film). Felton recalled the joys of listening to blaring ’60s punk at 5 a.m. while getting his make-up done on the Potter set care of Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and revealed how auditioning for the role of Potter and Ron Weasley led to a rainbow of humiliating hairstyles. He also clues Travers in on the trick to playing a really bad guy, and strums a little acoustic guitar.

Click here to watch the video!

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton “Off the Cuff with Peter Travers” Now Online

  1. Fun! Fun! This was great and funny and Travers is a nutcase, but in this case a nice nutcase. I loved this interview!

  2. That was a really fun and different interview. Like Tom said-an interviewer who is not asking the same old questions.

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