Watch little Tom Felton’s screen test in a BTS making of “The Borrowers”

Remember when we showed you little Tom Felton’s screen test for The Borrowers? Well, Felton Fan ElijahDavidsMom found the full two part special on the making of the movie the clip was from, including footage we weren’t able to show you before, all in high quality. Listen to cast and crew discuss working on Tom’s first big screen adventure including the director’s opinion of Tom’s first screen test.

The special is narrated in reference to Tom and co-star Flora Newbegin’s experience on the film, from screen tests to production design to special effects to the final product. For those you who haven’t seen The Borrowers yet, beware of Spoilers.

I won’t mention what Tom thinks of the “dog poo.” 😉

Part one:

Part 2:

10 thoughts on “Watch little Tom Felton’s screen test in a BTS making of “The Borrowers”

  1. Awww… Little Tom is so cute! Interesting clips, thanks for putting them on FeltBeats. How can a little kid be that adorable???

    Love from FeltonFan

  2. OMG Tom, you were so cute! I think the only actor left that needs to be brought into Harry Potter from The Borrowers, would be Hugh Laurie. Poor Tom is always against a Potter somehow.

  3. Aaawww!!! Holy shit,Tom was adorable!! Who knew someone that cute would grow up to be someone so attractive he makes girls everywhere swoon,faint,and who knows what else!? x

  4. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! TIny Tom! You know, I have seen the borrowers, but I never realised Tom Felton was in it until now… lol

  5. You know what? I’ve just realised that I’ve seen Anna and the King as well… I don’t remember Tom Felton being in that either! Must go and look at some clips…

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