Comcast asks Tom Felton: What would be in your Room of Requirement?

Thanks to NikiDArcangelis for pointing out this video to us! Comcast asks Tom Felton: What would be in your Room of Requirement?

Tom is pictured at the beginning and at 55 seconds in.

For those that can’t see, here is a transcript:

Interviewer: If you had a Room of Requirement, what would you put in it? This is strictly for the Harry Potter fans out there.

Tom: If I had a Room of Requirement, oh God, I don’t know why, but things like a jaquzzi come into my head. I don’t know why I’m thinking of luxury, lavish items – that isn’t really what I’m thinking.

Rupert: Yeah, a flying car.

Bonnie: Oh, I dunno, I suppose it’s always what you desire at that moment. I think…

Interviewer: So, right now it would be pizza.

Michael Gambon: I’d put a machine, that, whenever you touch it, it shoves out thousand dollar bills.

Interviewer: That’s be quite good.

Bonnie: It would be quite cool just to have a room of your own, I dunno, something like a refuge place where you can just relax, and read, and somewhere to be really quiet, that’d be cool.

Dan: A TV. God, how unimaginative! I would want an imagination room in the Room of Requirement, that would replace my original thought. There we go. To end on something slightly more metaphysical.

Tom: A cricket pitch. Not that that would mean anything to any American fans. But, yeah, I’d love it.

Interviewer: We’ve heard of cricket.

Tom: You’ve heard of it.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Tom: Fantastic sport. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’d thouroughly enjoy that.

15 thoughts on “Comcast asks Tom Felton: What would be in your Room of Requirement?

  1. Hot Tub cool! Oh Happy Birthday to me I hate to brag but one day out of a year I get to brag! 😀

  2. Me either. I’m guessing it probably can’t be seen depending on your location…? Maybe do a transcript?

  3. There speaks rather healthy and contented people. The answers could have been deep and depressing. From the pic we saw a while ago, TF’s yard looks “big” enough for a Cricket pitch.

  4. it keeps saying “this content is currently unavailable” whenever i press play , so i cant see it !! 🙁

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  6. Could someone please write a transcript of the entire thing? Or better yet, rip these Comcast interview clips and put them on YouTube for everyone to watch? According to Leaky, there are a few separate clips. I’m one of those who can’t view them and I would really really like to see them all..

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