Tom Felton talks Potter, pop culture, hair and how his girlfriend dresses him

In an interview with The Gate, a Canadian newspaper, Tom addresses many topics such as Twitter, pop culture, his hair and more.

This was a round-table interview with many press organizations, so we’ve seen snippets of this interview elsewhere before.

There is much more, so click here to read the whole thing!

O.P.: He’s evil, and what’s up with his hair…?
T.F.: I know. I don’t really understand, I mean where Draco finds the time to get his roots touched up every week. It’s a very iconic hairdo, I guess no one else really has it.

There have been times where naturally, getting your hair dyed isn’t that pleasant, but saying that, I’ve grown quite oddly attached to it over the years. People have asked me, at the end of it are you planning on cutting it off, but I can see myself strangely keeping it. I’m not sure about it yet. I’m not sure what my girlfriend has to say about that.

A.P.: What about your music career? Is that a career opportunity?
T.F.: It scares me that you mention it as a career, because that’s certainly not where I was angling. It’s always been a passion of mine and I learned to play on the Harry Potter set, lots of hours to yourself, so that was a great way of killing the time. And yeah, I’ve shared a bit online, about a year ago now and it seems to have done pretty well, so it’s a personal thing for me. It’s certainly not a career that I’m looking to jump into just yet, but as long as people enjoy listening to it, then I’ll keep sharing.

O.P.: What’s on your shirt?
O.P.: It’s Mohammed Ali, right?

T.F.: Yeah, you tell me. Please, I was dressed. This is a t-shirt, I think.

Yeah, it is Ali, isn’t it? Yeah, through the years.

I’m not much of a fashionable man. If you left me to my own devices it would probably be a hoodie and jeans 365 days a year. So I’m glad I have a very talented girlfriend to do that for me. [Laughs]

O.P.: Who likes Mohammed Ali?

T.F.: Yeah, of course. She must be a big boxing fan. [Laugh] That is a joke, just to clarify.

Thanks to Snitchseeker for posting this, and Apollonia1 for pointing it out to us!

17 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks Potter, pop culture, hair and how his girlfriend dresses him

  1. Whatever you’re choosing to do about your hair once HP is over, is fine with me, Tom. And Jade certainly possesses a great insight when it comes to dress you up, I’ve noticed before.

    With Love,


  2. The answer to “how Draco finds time to get his roots touched up every week” is that he’s a natural blond. At least, I think he is. His whole family is blonde.

  3. aww..jade dresses him r oblivious if u let them go at their own device..lost i tell u…

  4. If he can’t dress himself, then we can be absolutely positive that he is straight, and not one of those gay celebrities hiding behind their “girlfriend.”
    LOL, j/k.

  5. Awww… that’s so cute how his GF dresses him! Tom Felton all the way! Whatever makes him happy has got to be good!

    As for the hair, love it blonde! Keep it, it looks awesome (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a light blonde too!)

    Love from FeltonFan

    🙂 <3

  6. And the hair, I think he should leave it blond *-* I love it this way. But he’d still be perfect with any hair do 😉

    xoxo from a brazilian fan ;*

  7. Whats it like on harry potter set is it all fun and games all the time? Or is it serious?

  8. great interview! i’m with ya Tom on the jeans and hoodie everyday (except during the summer). keep keepin it real.

  9. All I know is what used to be a fun fansite is now becoming a boring debate over T&J relationship.. Honestly who cares? What happened to the original intention of promoting Tom’s career & music.. It doesn’t seem to the mission anymore

  10. I agree, I start gagging every time I get on site. I didn’t know it was a relationship site. If Jade has a fansite, go there.

  11. Hehehe, Tom was the one who said Jade dressed him, not me! Was I supposed to edit that part out? That would be a problem, because Tom talks about her a lot, if you haven’t noticed. 😉

  12. U misinterpret what I’m saying.. I think they are an adorable couple but the constant debate on both sides is boring

  13. I think you misunderstand me. What I am trying to say is there shouldn’t be a debate at all. Maybe we’re saying the same thing, in two different ways.

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