11 thoughts on “Heatworld.com talks Tom Felton

  1. well when he stops dying his hair after the films it’ll go back to its original brownness. i’d like to see it long again too. ^_^

    • Actually, I’m naturally brown haired as well, but I’ve been coloring my hair into a honey blond shade since perhaps I turned 25. I’m still doing it, with no need of peroxyde. It’s all natural products.

      With Love,


  2. Hey I’m Dana and I feel the same way about dying your hair 24/7. I had to dye my hair different colours all the time because I was a model for quite some time. It’s not pretty. One time the lady did the wrong shade of red and it was a disaster!

  3. Aaaahhh I kinda wish he’d leave it blonde! It’s so adorable that way. But I can’t imagine him wanting to make a trip to the hairdresser every 10 days for the rest of his life..haha…so I guess it’s best he went back to brown. Either way Tom will look gorgeous. 😛

    • I agree with you feltonfan. Everyone LEAVE TOM AND JADE ALONE! just because some of you people are jelouse doesn’t mean you can say anything about jade and tom.

  4. Lol…. What’s with all the ‘Jade’ talks…

    Well…. Since Tom likes her… We shouldn’t protest.

    I mean, he’s together with her! Of course there is something about her that Tom likes and is attracted to!


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