Another Tom Felton interview from Canadian press junket

Another interview has been found of Tom’s from his Canadian press junket, this time from You can read the entire article by clicking here:

An excerpt:

The self-described massive Harry Potter fan is in Toronto for less than a day as part of a large-scale, whirlwind press tour in support of the highly anticipated release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Despite obvious jet-lag, Felton is relaxed and quick with a joke or a smile, a relaxed attitude made even more impressive considering he has barely had time to register what city he’s in, never mind the time.

“Good afternoon…or good morning! I’m not sure which it is,” the actor joked, settling into his chair in the posh suite at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel.

Sitting amid the ever-present Potter paraphernalia of Quidditch t-shirts and edible Hogwarts treats that must accompany him wherever he goes, not to mention the Potter-themed SUV that he has squiring him about town, the actor is eager to get right to the heart of the matter and let people know what they can expect from this latest installment of the wildly popular series.

“It’s funnier! A lot of people are saying it’s darker but I think it’s funnier more than anything,” he offered. “Michael Gambon and Jim Broadbent really lay on that subtle British humour brilliantly and I think Jim Broadbent was a really fabulous addition to the cast.”

And like fans around the world, he’s excited to see how things progress both at Hogwarts and in the romantic lives of the lead characters.

While his character doesn’t have any blossoming romantic relationships on the horizon, fans certainly aren’t shy about expressing their dislike for the activities Draco does get up to, often booing the actor in the streets. While he’s mainly encountered this from North American fans, citing paralyzing politeness for the lack of public British naysayers, he doesn’t take it to heart adding, “I can only take it as a compliment and if I’ve managed to fool them into thinking I’m a horrible child then I must be doing something right!”

Felton would certainly be easy to spot on any street, given the iconic bleached blond ‘do he sports while filming the series. He admits he’s gotten strangely attached to the severe look over the past 10 years and can see himself possibly keeping it once the final films are completed, despite the fact that it’s limited his work outside of the franchise. Even when other opportunities have presented themselves, timing has never quite worked out so instead, he’s committed to filming the final two Potter films – in production as we speak – before seeking out future roles.

“This is the last installment and I want to a) give it my all and b) enjoy it because this time next year it will all be over, which is a very sad thought. I am really reveling in being the nasty guy for one last year.”

9 thoughts on “Another Tom Felton interview from Canadian press junket

  1. awwwe I love his sense of humor. 🙂 he seems like he’s a well grounded guy.

  2. Does anyone know if he’s coming to the Southwest United States? As in, hottest-place-on-Earth-Arizona?

  3. Wow, Tom is absolutely a great man. It’s my favorite actor xD Do you know please, where I found an address for an autograph? Pre-I thank you for answer;)

  4. try asking via fan mail

    Fan Mail:
    Tom Felton Fan Mail
    c/o TROIKA, 3rd Floor
    74 Clerkenwell Road
    London EC1M 5QA

  5. I’m sure that Tom’ll do wonderfully in the Dealthy Hallows parts 1 and 2, as my favourite “right foul git”! TOM FELTON IS AWESOME, and I’ll really miss going to the theater and seeing his new Harry Potter movies on the big screen when they are all made and out!
    Sniffle, sniffle.

    (I hope that made sense…)

  6. hi tom 🙂
    i always loved you in harry potter and the last one was the best. you looked amazing. and the acting was wonderful!
    i never knew you made songs until today. your very talented. i’ll be listening to every song of yours.
    love, fab.

  7. OMG he was living in the Royal York Hotel OMFG…!! When i was going back to Cambridge from Toronto after seeing him live in the Mtv Studios, we passed by the HOTEL !! OMG this is so upsetting i feel like i m going to cry any minute 🙁
    I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !! And i was so close to meeting him, but he didn’t give autograph to anybody or took a pic, the security was being so freakin stupid, they like dragged him outside in a sec. :'( we all wanted to cry, and were begging for Tom to come back ! too bad it never happened, but overall Tom u r amazing, such an amazing job in HP 6, all my friends though u did GR8, and want to let u know, keep up the outstanding work ! 😉 lodz of love from Canada, Cambridge 😀 AFRA !

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