43 thoughts on “New photos of Tom Felton in Soho London

  1. good gosh his hair is white! it is reflectin the sun!! but his eyes..they r so brilliant!! my gosh! he looks brilliant!

    lolz..that lady is lookin at him..does she not reconise that is the magnificent tom felton standing there! }^] lolz
    hmm…have we seen that shirt b4..by gosh..is that the 1 he was wearin in the art museum pics..birlliant }^]

  2. oh my goodness gorgeous eyes ! i agree, i can’t wait to see his natural hair color :)))
    he does look lonely ! );
    i’d gladly fill jade’s place… permanently is good too ;D

  3. SUUUUUUUUUUCH A SEXY BOY 🙁 I could totally be his girlfriend right now. Like, I swear. :)) :”> My first crush everrrr

  4. HOWW are all them english ppl so normal???? if i were there…poor soul wouldnt be able to hear properly for the next decade…(L) tom felton

  5. tom I really like ur singing I was woundering how u got into it. I really like to sing an I am a fan of ur songs do u have any advise for me that I could use in Australia??XX annabella

  6. My first thought when I see the second pic and the staring woman is,’Woah bitch,what you lookin’ at? You can’t have that!’ LOL! 😛 X

  7. lol! all my friends say he looks young, but not in these pics! L: o, and look at the girl on the left in the second pic! she like ‘wait. is that tom felton?’ lol!

  8. He is soooo cute xD I love him <3 Awesome boy, awesome style, awesome …. the guy is amazing all !!!
    those short-cropped blond hair is so sexy. I love him <3<3<3 Best actor on the world (with J. Issacs <3) xD

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