43 thoughts on “New photos of Tom Felton in Soho London

  1. good gosh his hair is white! it is reflectin the sun!! but his eyes..they r so brilliant!! my gosh! he looks brilliant!

    lolz..that lady is lookin at him..does she not reconise that is the magnificent tom felton standing there! }^] lolz
    hmm…have we seen that shirt b4..by gosh..is that the 1 he was wearin in the art museum pics..birlliant }^]

  2. oh my goodness gorgeous eyes ! i agree, i can’t wait to see his natural hair color :)))
    he does look lonely ! );
    i’d gladly fill jade’s place… permanently is good too ;D

  3. SUUUUUUUUUUCH A SEXY BOY 🙁 I could totally be his girlfriend right now. Like, I swear. :)) :”> My first crush everrrr

  4. HOWW are all them english ppl so normal???? if i were there…poor soul wouldnt be able to hear properly for the next decade…(L) tom felton

  5. wow he’s hot
    is it just me or does he look a bit like a younger jason issacs, who evidently plays lucius?

  6. I loved walking around soho too bad it wasnt the same day as tom! ah well….maybe next time 🙂

  7. He’s too attractive, it should be criminal or something. Lol just jokinggg <333:)

  8. Do all the telephone cabins in London look that way?
    I want to visit London some day!!!

    Tom is cute.
    Good Luck, Tom!!!

  9. IA. this is why the Draco and Lucius Malfoy combo works so well. they look like father and son in real life.

  10. tom I really like ur singing I was woundering how u got into it. I really like to sing an I am a fan of ur songs do u have any advise for me that I could use in Australia??XX annabella

  11. My first thought when I see the second pic and the staring woman is,’Woah bitch,what you lookin’ at? You can’t have that!’ LOL! 😛 X

  12. lol! all my friends say he looks young, but not in these pics! L: o, and look at the girl on the left in the second pic! she like ‘wait. is that tom felton?’ lol!

  13. i totes agree! how can peeps say hes not even cute?!?!?! i think they must b blind. lol!

  14. He is soooo cute xD I love him <3 Awesome boy, awesome style, awesome …. the guy is amazing all !!!
    those short-cropped blond hair is so sexy. I love him <3<3<3 Best actor on the world (with J. Issacs <3) xD

  15. how did u get into singing I would like to no cos I want to get into singing any tips

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