50 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton on King’s Brunch in Japan

  1. Awww bless.he still sounds n looks really sleepy.mayb Jade should have women him up a little earlier. Lol fab job tho. 🙂

  2. What a shame – that really is a lot of Japanese all going on at once for a guy who had only just woken up! No wonder he seems a little lost. 😉

  3. Arigato Gozaimasu! You’ve brought me back a lot of sweet memories by posting this video. This is why I love and miss Japan so much. So kind, with a great sense of the hospitality. Tom, you did a great job, despite your previous lack of sleep. Ima, ohyasuminasai!

    With Love,


  4. OMG!!! He looks sooo lost…and so tired too (poor thing).

    He must be finding the way japeneses react to things so strange…but that’s normal (for Japan at least).

    Have fun in Japan, Tom!!!!

  5. ohh myyy you can def see the sleep in his eye!! lol
    i feel sooo bad, but he does an awesomee job not showing it lol!! ahhh i <3 tom!! XD hahaa

  6. You done great as ever even though you were tired.
    Hope you get some rest soon.
    Must have been confusing to understand whats being said
    Well done! Big Hugs!!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG, Tom is so adorable! He seems so lost–I can see how awkward he felt, having just woken up and then being thrown into a situation where he didn’t speak the language–and it was flying through the air all around him. Poor Tom! He still did splendidly, though. His constant grin added to his charm. <333

  8. Ooh. I just wish I could understand what the others were saying. All that fast Japanese was making my head dizzy. But Tom really did a great job! Hopefully, he was able to rest after that shoot. 🙂

  9. hahaha, I haven’t watched this show in so long~ it was good to see some familiar Japanese actors and actresses supporting Tom and Harry Potter!
    Thanks for the video! ^__^

  10. Poor Tom! I would gone crazy with onlyy one hour of sleep and all that Japanese launguage XD At the end lol You can tell he is so sleepy but he did well! He looks good in that vid ^^

  11. just wanna say that I nearly fall from my chair when I see he was walking through the door..
    still my personal miracle that Mr. Felton

  12. That’s a great short interview. I always admired how celebrities/musicians could focus on what the translator is telling them as the interviewer talks. I would be confused as crazy. Haha!

    Tom did a great job though. He does look tired. But nonetheless, did brilliant with the smiles and polite answers. 😛

  13. at the end with the t-shirt he looked really confuzed 😛 his hair wasalso verry poofy but verry good to say hes only just woken up

  14. How he looks so handsome when it’s obvious he’s exhausted I’ve not the slightest clue,but he sure is adorable (and so sweet,kind,and polite!) 😀 xx

  15. Does anybody else think that Tom and his girlfriend don’t look good together? I mean she just doesn’t look right for him!

  16. Is Tom Felton actually on Twitter. I can’t get one though I only have a facebook. HE should have a facebook. LIke Him actually. But seriously does he actually have a twitter

  17. LOL I love how the woman at the beginning messed up her Japanese. “desu ka..a-ahh, DESHITA, sumimasen.” That’s cute. She made her statement into a question, then quickly fixed it and apologize. Aw. Ok, anyway. XD

    And aw, you really could tell he was sleepy..XD Thanks for this!!

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