New photos from Tom Felton’s stage greeting in Nagoya, Japan

Thanks to our friends at Our Dearest Tom, and Aya@ivandekiai, we now have pictures of Tom at the stage greeting in Nagoya, Japan.

The stage greeting was shown on the NBN ( “DODESUKA!” Aya was able to get us these images by taking a picture of her TV! 🙂 Whatever it takes, I say! Thanks, Aya!

21 thoughts on “New photos from Tom Felton’s stage greeting in Nagoya, Japan

  1. Looking very confident; if i was attempting to speak any japanese at all to a japanese audience i’d probably faint 😛 cute pics. x

  2. Boo-hoo! That’s really cool! I wonder what he said on the stage. Tom looked excited, though. 😀 Thanks Aya for capturing those great pictures. 😉

  3. Aaaaahhhh He luks incredibly CUTE in all the pictures 🙂 Someone please post the video of this up 🙂 thank u !!
    He seems to be having a gr8 time in Japan, with all his great fans !! 😀
    Love you TOM 🙂 xoxo
    I love his style, all his shirts are so nice, and i love his jeans 😉 and converse !!
    HIS SMILE makes me drool so much, and his eyes SPARKLE 😀 I LOVE GUYS WHO HAVE BABY BLUE EYES, its Amazing, just like Tom !! 🙂 LOVE HIM !!

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