Warwick Davis talks Tom Felton on his Website

For all of you that follow Tom on Twitter, you’ll remember that he posted about fellow Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis starting his own Twitter account there. Mr. Davis plays Professor Flitwick in the series, and has even taken over the role of Griphook.

Mr. Davis is just as engaged with his tweeters as Tom is, and he quite graciously agreed this morning to letting us here at Feltbeats.com share a photo Warwick had taken with Tom at the after party of the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

From Warwickdavis.co.uk:

After the film, we were escorted to the magical white Audi for the journey to New York’s Museum of Natural History for the after premiere party. One of the museum exhibit areas had been themed to represent ‘Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes’ from the 6th film. As usual at a ‘Potter’ premiere, there were large amounts of sweet treats to tempt the post movie goers. With my sugar level at maximum after my chocolate raisins binge, I decided to give them a miss.

Outside, there was a scale replica of a Quidditch pitch, complete with projection of footage of the training session from the film. It is here we bumped into Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). He’s such a nice chap. I first knew him when he was shorter than me for ‘Flitwick’s Charms Class’ back in 2001.

Thanks for letting us share this with Felton Fans, Mr. Davis!

For those of you who aren’t following him as of yet, you can do so here at WarwickADavis on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Warwick Davis talks Tom Felton on his Website

  1. What a great picture! Thanks Mr. Davis for sharing with us, and thanks Lily for posting.

  2. “I first knew him when he was shorter than me for ‘Flitwick’s Charms Class’ back in 2001.”

    He sounds lovely *follows*

  3. I have loved Warwick Davis for a long time but I can’t help but remember the scars I received from Leprechaun. I watched that movie when I was ten (where were my parents?) and I am still scared of it at twenty-five!

  4. I didn’t know he played Griphook too. This makes filming the famous Griphook v Flitwick wrestling match much more difficult!

  5. So cutee!! 😀
    Thanks very much,Mr.Davis!! Ya! Followed him when Tom tweeted that!!
    Mr.Davis is really a great actor!! =]

  6. Before to be Pr. Flitwick, Mr. Davies has been, for years to my eyes, Willow, which namesake movie was starred along Mrs. Wilmer and her husband at the time. Coincidentally, I learnt recently than Willow was also one of Tom’s favorites movies! Thanks for your kind words, Mr. Davies!

    With Love,


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