Tom Felton featured on Star Watch

A video recently surfaced from the New York press junket of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and this one features an interview Tom gave with San Hallenbeck of Day Time’s Star Watch. According to their website, Star Watch (USA) is “a fast-paced, rock-solid weekly half-hour show that’s designed for movie lovers, a show that’s about the films they care about and the people who make them. Period.”

The interview featuring Tom was released online over the weekend.

[NOTE: Hallenbeck took information from old interviews to wrap-up the segment. Tom has declared more recently that he plans on pursuing acting, not fishery management. 😉 ]

Thanks to Mondengel for the tip!

21 thoughts on “Tom Felton featured on Star Watch

  1. lol Poor Tom…After all these years, people are STILL saying he wants to study fisheries managment or become a pro carp angler. I wish they’d do better (and more current!) research before airing these things.

    Tom does look adorable as usual though. 😉

    • I know a lot of journalists check before interviewing him – I wonder if we should make a “Journalists – Read This” page to give them the most up to date information about him? Hah, isn’t that a good idea?

      We can include things NOT to ask him (he’s not planning on being a fisherman, he doesn’t personally have any special magical powers, he DOES like the Harry Potter books) and things they SHOULD ask him (he likes cricket, he’s good friends with Dan, he loves music and playing the guitar, he loves Jade, etc.)

      What else should we include?

      • This would be a fine idea, Misha. For I’ve noticed as well than journalists into my country, are sometimes also relying on old datas for their articles, which is a bit frustrating. That’s why I’m glad you’re here, at least I know exactly what’s going on around here these days.

        With Love,


        • YAA!!! that would be awesome!!! he should also say what new movies he’s doing, and like…umm…. a blog i guess?? that would be awesome, i would check that out EVERY day!!!

  2. Wow I mean plz leave harry alone? These are fictional characters people FICTIONAL AS IN NOT REAL! Anyway Tom looks amazing as always! Love him!

  3. The interview was great. I’m surprised Tom didn’t mention how he has received bibles from people in the U.S. telling him to repent because he plays a wizard on screen. I read that in 2006 in “Surrey Life” magazine. Crazy, crazy!

    • Tom didn’t mention how he has received bibles from people in the U.S. telling him to repent because he plays a wizard on screen. I read that in 2006 in “Surrey Life” magazine.

      I, it was into a special issue of the magazine ONE, done for OOTP release, that I first got it referred to. So, I know what you mean, Miche.

      With Love,


  4. I agree with Misha 1000% I cldnt have agreed more 😀 I think its such a FANTASTIC AND SMART IDEA !! 🙂
    like dey need to ask new stuff, not old boring lame stuff, and things he wld probably and most likely wld love to answer too 🙂
    The interview was gr8 btw, he is awesome in the interview as usual 🙂 he luks gr8, his smile is absolutely adorable, i love his shirt 🙂 and poor thing, the fans seriously need to understand that DRACO IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER !! And get to know the actor much better 🙂 he is so sweet, he does a lot of charity work, hard working, humble, very kind, cute, hot, gorgeous smile, and AMAZING BLUE EYES AND YES I LUV HIS BLOND HAIR !! 😉

  5. i’ll kill those ppl who told him off!!!! lol, jk, but SERIOUSLY, if i knew how to giv him fan mail, i wood giv him a GREAT letter, saying how effin good of an actor he is!!! and don’t forget how hot and sexy he is!!!

  6. Tom’s so sweet and of course cute! 😉 And if little kids don’t shake his hand when they could, they aren’t being very smart. Yeah, they’re only kids, but if I could shake his hand then I would!!! 😀 At 1:08 he looks a bit freaked out and no wonder when a guy talks about how much Tom’s body has changed! I might of made some mistakes with the spelling, but English is not my mother tongue.

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