Travel Advise Twitter-style: Tom Felton on Twitter-wood

Once again Tom’s tweets have made it into MTV Movie Blogs Twitter-wood, and this time they featured a conversation between Tom and fellow Harry Potter star Warwick Davis.

In what MTV dubbed “Tokyo pt 1,” they published Tom’s tweet about arriving in Tokyo for his final evening in the city.

Just got off the bullet train, we’re back in Tokyo! 1 more night then home. Bet to make the most of tonight! Any ideas?x

Approximately 15 minutes later, the man behind Professor Flitwick put in his two knuts of an idea with “Tokyo pt 2.”

@TomFelton Check out the ‘Cantina’, a ‘Star Wars’ themed bar/shop. Very cool place.

Tom, in a later tweet, went on to call his co-star “a gentleman and an incredibly funny one at that! His tweets are already cracking me up! Very kind man.” And so right Tom is, but the recommendations on how he should spend his last night in town didn’t end there. Another celebrity got in on the act, and that was celebrity gossip Perez Hilton.

@TomFelton I’m having dinner with Lisa and Jess from The Veronicas in a bit in. U and ur gf should join us! Ha

Unfortunately, Tom didn’t see the tweet in time and had to send his regards instead.

@PerezHilton sorry just read your invite! My gf crashed out soon as we got to the hotel, would love to have a drink nxt time I’m in LA x

Perez Hilton went on to tease Tom with a twitpic of what he was missing out on while he was letting loose with the girls in Tokyo. But alas, our poor boy was wrung out from a whirl-wind tour of Japan, and within only a couple hours, he was off for the night.

Tom will be leaving Japan at some point today to return to London. He is scheduled to resume work on his latest films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 on Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Travel Advise Twitter-style: Tom Felton on Twitter-wood

    • 😉 I really love reading these interactions of his with them, it gives clues of how he’s fairing at anytime, on the move or not. May he had a safe trip back home, for as he always say: “Home Sweet Home!

      With Love,


  1. Awww! 🙁 Poor, tired Tom… I still have Jade’s photo of him sleeping on my desktop background. So cute! 🙂 But you’ll be home soon, Tom, and we all love you lots!

    Lots of <3 to ya, Tom,
    Becca 🙂

  2. Hi Tom,
    I hope that you have a safe trip back to England. You are a really great actor in all of the Harry Potter movies and I am excitedly awaiting the Seventh Harry Potter movies.
    Fans forever,
    Kathleen Yoshina (Olympia, WA (USA)

  3. i still say Tom should have met up with Perez Hilton. Perez just announced his own record label and he could have signed Tom!!!! That would just have been awesome 😀

  4. I WISH I WAS IN TOKYO!!! ESCPESIALLY(sp?) IF I WAS WID HIM!!! lol, but seriously, i would LOVE to spend just ONE day wid him!! i would ask him bout his music, and everthing!!!!

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