Tom Felton in Germany’s ONE Special Magazine, Part 1

The current issue of Germany’s ONE Special Magazine has a full feature on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Included is an interview with Tom, a sidebar discussing his music, and plenty more. So much in fact that we need to split this post up into two! And thanks to our own German reporter Estrella89san, we have not only scans of the magazine, but translations of the articles to share with you as well.

First up, a full interview…

Up until recently Draco Malfoy was a disgusting young man with a diabolic side hidden underneath. To the joy of actor Tom Felton he was able to put up a great deal in “The Half Blood Prince”

In comparison to the other movies the character various in a different dimension in “The Half Blood Prince.”

Yes. Up until now Draco was a student who was misbehaving and troublesome. This time it is different. Draco shows what he is really able to. He was always jealous because Harry was liked so much and was the “chosen one”. In this episode Draco wants to be his equal. Draco hopes to take revenge for his father, who is jailed in Azkaban and to restore the family honour. He wants to show Voldemort what he is able to do and make sure that his father is proud of him.

Did anything change for you during this filming?

In comparison to the other movies this time I was on the set from the first day on. Before, I had only a few scenes to do and it was not necessary to be on the set the whole time. Now for the first time I had the feeling to take part in the hole shooting. I also did scenes with Michael Gambon, aka Dumbledore, that really impressed me. I can honestly say that I have the feeling, doing this film has improved my acting ability.

For the first time there is a physical confrontation between Draco and Harry. Can you talk about that scene?

Yes, until now the rivalry between Draco and Harry was always a verbal one. This time the whole thing is more intensive. Actually Draco breaks Harrys nose while hitting him.

Doing that scene was pretty amusing, by the way. At least for me. But I don’t think that it was funny for Daniel. (laughter) He was laying on the floor, my foot on his face… I bet you can guess that suddenly I felt a lot stronger. (laughter)

Do you enjoy it to play a sadist?

Once and for all I love playing the bad guy. It’s my destination. Every actor would tell you that it is a lot more exciting to play the bad guy than a fishy character without backbone.

I love to scare people and give them goosebumps. The more I hate my character the better I feel.

Do you still get a lot of hate letters from fans?

They are not really hate letters. But some fans don’t hold back their thoughts and frankly say what they think about Draco. When I meet fans they are usually to scared to talk to me. I remember being invited to a school to answer questions from the pupils. It took only a few minutes and no student dared to ask any.

In real life I’m not the bullying type or try to embarrass people. But it looks like everybody is seeing Draco and not Tom when they meet me.

Although you have female admirers?

Yes, luckily a few girls do like the bad boy. (laughter) You could think that they are interested in me and the way I look. But I think that they are drawn towards Draco’s aura.

Although all the actors of this saga started their career at a very young age they still have both feet on the ground. How do you explain that?

True, it wouldn’t be astonishing if some of us would have fallen off the wagon but luckily it didn’t happen here. In the beginning I had doubts about Dan (Radcliffe) having difficulties with the pressure, but he did very well. I mean, he is 20 years old and he lives a normal life and likes to go out every once in a while to get a drink, and he is an excellent conversational partner.

As a matter of fact to be raised in stable parental home helped him a lot, I think.

It’s the same with me. Since I act in this saga I still have the same people and friends around me. They are not interested in the films and if I talk about them… I guess I annoy them. That brings you back to reality. (laughter) Also the fact that I am still at the same school helped me a lot.

Are you thinking about the fact that soon the filming of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” will be over and you finally have to say goodbye to Draco?

A little bit. I would like to profit from my last moments on the set and take some pictures. Simply to have a few memories that I can share in a few years time around the open fire. (laughter)

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  1. Honestly I would have thought that Dan would have cracked too, I mean it’s a HUGE responsibility being fricking harry potter!

  2. As a matter of fact, this is actually the very identical current issue of the same magazine, that it is also available in France. However, I think your translation is more accurate than the one done for the French edition. Thanks for posting it!

    With Love,


    • I know they publish it in France and Germany and everytime I read through one of the magazines, I have a feeling they just translate everything from France into German, without double check.

      Little mistakes and mixed up names sometimes (the france character names I guess) and this time one phrase was used in almost every interview.
      And there’s an article about the same topic like in the Goblet of Fire issue :O

      Anyways, still love the magazine 🙂 Was hunting for it. Everywhere they either didn’t have it or they had the Twilight issue! -.- But finally I found it at the train station when I went to see HP6 again with a friend last week 😉

  3. oh my life tom felton is just so amazing plz plz have a opening for a photography job coz my dad is amazing hint hint lol xxxxxxx hehe xxxxx

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