Tom Felton in Germany’s ONE Special Magazine, Part 2

To complete the all out Tom-ness inherent in the current issue of Germany’s ONE Special Magazine, we continue our posting with a few more morsels to share with you, including Tom’s friend Daniel Radcliffe as he once again expounds on the glory that is, well, Tom. 😉

The most different talents

Tom Felton shows a variety of talents. Besides his acting career, he has also committed himself to music. His first album “In Good Hands” can be downloaded in iTunes Music Store (and only there). It was not much more than a coincidence that brought Tom to seriously focus on music, because singing and guitar playing were until recently only a hobby to him. A video on YouTube has given him the idea, that he could also start a little bit more with it. Two years ago Tom therefore published a YouTube video in which he plays guitar. Actually, it was intended for a friend who lived on the other side of the Atlantic, and, besides, he used a wrong name, so that nobody could recognise him. However, the information trickled through, and the video became known worldwide; it had about a million views! Tom said to himself after all this resonance that his music could still reach and appeal to a lot of people and as a result took up an album which, we hope, will not be the last.

[NOTE: “In Good Hands” is only the first album released under the name Tom Felton. His other albums (“Time Well Spent” and “All I Need”) were released under the moniker of Feltbeats. All albums are available for purchase at not only iTunes, but Amazon, Rhapsody, and Napster.]


Tom Felton had to concentrate hard on some very intense scenes in his acting. The actor had to scoop deep from his inside to be able to show the frame of mind Draco Malfoy’s how he confesses us here: “One of the scenes most difficult for me to interpret was the one where Draco bursts into tears in the toilets of Hogwarts as a wave of guilt overcame him because of the horrible deed he committed. I really have the feeling that this film has enabled me the show tremendous progress as an actor. And I owe this mainly to David Yates, the director, who has never stopped believing in me and has always encouraged me, in spite of all my doubts.”

Last but not least we have a sound bite from Tom’s good friend Dan. To see the full interview given by Dan to the magazine, you can read the full scan by clicking here. Sorry, we only translated the good stuff. 😉

In this film you play several scenes at the side of Tom Felton. This didn’ t occurred for a long time…

Yes, and I can say that Tom and I became real good friends during the filming. It was already the sixth film we shot together, and we already had seen good times together. But since he appeared in only a few scenes, we’ve actually spent little time together. We knew each other, without being really close. We got to know each other during the filming of “The Half-Blood Prince”. Tom honestly impressed me by the depth of his acting. So far he didn’t have the opportunity to show his talent, but now I think, it will show how gifted he really is.

Thanks, Estrella89san for all your work!

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton in Germany’s ONE Special Magazine, Part 2

  1. Yahh Tom! I’m so glad they feature him in magazines and don’t focus solely on the good guys… because bad guys are so much hotter. Especially Tom!

  2. wow. that’s such a good compliment from Daniel. aha(;

    i thought Tom did excellent on the bathroom scene. when i saw it in theaters i was amazed. that we was able to do that. wow Tom. great job. i bet you astonished plenty of people around the world.

  3. Tom said to himself after all this resonance that his music could still reach and appeal to a lot of people and as a result took up an album which, we hope, will not be the last.

    When I had first read myself the bite into my copy of the issue, I was also very surprised that they didn’t know about Tom’s past albums’ releases, Misha.

    With Love,


    • wow, you’re going to go to ringcon?
      so, you’re german?
      me too 😀
      where are you from?
      oh, i sooo want to get there too, just to see tom.
      but i think i can’t manage. 🙁

  4. Tom Felton is a really good actor I think he demonstrates the most in the movie: Harry Potter and the Halfbloodprince. And his voice is soo great it’s wonderful.My biggest dream is to shoot a film with him. That would be really wonderful and great 😉 I would do everything

    Love Anna. 😉

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