Tom Felton takes “great pleasure” in playing evil.

Digital Spy recently came out with a short interview of Tom’s where he discusses being both evil and blonde.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton has admitted that he cannot defend the behaviour of his character Draco Malfoy.

The 21-year-old actor started playing the bad boy role in 2001 and has since seen Draco transform from school bully to a member of the murderous Death Eaters in the movies.

Commenting on the part in an interview with Splash News, he remarked: “He’s such a pain in the neck and he just gets worse and worse.”

However, he then added: “As an actor, I get great pleasure playing this evil little b**tard.”

Felton also revealed that concerns over his bleached hair are the only downside to appearing in the films.

“I’ve been dyeing it to play Malfoy for about eight years now,” he explained. “People keep telling me all this peroxide is going to make my hair fall out.”

17 thoughts on “Tom Felton takes “great pleasure” in playing evil.

  1. well for one thing you would think he wouldnt die back knowing he’d be playing draco in all the films or most likely knowing but yeah and dying your hair to many times isnt good for your hair but you know no one could replace him as draco he does a fantastic job potraying him. when i saw the first harry potter movie i thought woah this kid is an a**
    But as the movies went on i started to find well there is reason he is the way he is and why he acts that way. But these movies and the books have a good message behind them also there most exciting to read. Also the fact of who is father was well is and who he hangs out with kinda effects him but honestley i think under all that cruelty there is a sweet misunderstood boy who just wants to be loved.

  2. A Man who is not afraid of losing his hair.
    I do like Draco. I do like the charachter, not only because of Tom. I think Draco is funny! As a ficwritter, I like writting with him. I remember having such a great time creating his scenes in my stories, haha!Love him.
    I like Draco from the books, from the movies and also Tom as a person. It’s just a perfect combination. Haha.

    • Well he is that committed to his work and thats outstanding i take my hat off to him!! “Brilent job Tom! We all love you and keep doing what you do Best!Make us all proud!” I dont know about you but i already am!! haha! ^.^!

  3. He should know that before dyeing his hair.

    “As an actor, I get great pleasure playing this evil little b**tard.”

    That’s an awesome quote.

    His hair looks way shaggy.(In the picture)

  4. Ah, the sacrifices one makes to be an awesome actor. Let’s just hope his hair doesn’t fall out from all the dye jobs.
    He doesn’t a brilliant job as Draco Malfoy, I don’t think anyone could ever replace him.
    And I would imagine it would be delightfully enjoyable to play such a prick.

  5. “As an actor, I get great pleasure playing this evil little b**tard.”

    I’ve well taken note of that, believe me! *lol* Nevertheless, it’s the young man behind Draco’s mask who’s winning, hands down…

    With Love,


  6. Well,I do want him come to China~Because I’m just a Chinese…I want to see an interview about him in our own country~Ha…

    I don’t know if I made grammar mistake ’cause I’m just a senior high school student…

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