New photos and interview of Tom Felton in Greece for HP6

Thanks to TomFeltonFans_ we have a link to another video interview Tom gave while in Athens, Greece for the HP6 premiere. In this one he’s asked how he would write book 8 if given the opportunity.

We also have new photos of Tom and Evanna from their Greek adventure. You can see the rest from this collection in our photo galleries.

17 thoughts on “New photos and interview of Tom Felton in Greece for HP6

  1. awesome haha. Tom and Evanna don’t seem like they’re that close lol, Evanna is a bit quiet and Tom is the one mostly talking. Nevertheless i love them both!

    • It’s true than Evanna seems to be the quieter of the two, and Tom the more talkative one, but under that Greek summer sun, they look to enjoy their vacation together, even though how short it was. These are quite some photos I’m going to like adding to my personal files. Thanks for posting them!

      With Love,


  2. Wait wait.. If tom and evanna aren’t that close, yet they managed to look really friendly on pics/vids, then actors’ acting ability last longer than just between cut??

    I wish emma could go with them too.. Lol can’t blame a dramione shipper for dreaming, can’t we?? XD (and jade wasn’t around too!)

    Btw I MISS TOM already 3 days since his last tweet.. But usually when
    he’s off-twitter on weekends he comes back with interesting stuff to share xD *sorry 4 rambling I just miss him a lot

    • I shall confess I miss reading him too. Maybe he’s taking a break. He’s already done so when he had come back from Paris, after the FNAC signing, at the beginning of last June. I can understand.

      With Love,


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