Tom Felton interview and fan video from Greece

Thanks to TomFeltonFans_ for pointing out the below video. It’s a long, fairly stead and well done fan video from the crowd of Tom and Evanna at the meet and greet in Athens for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Thanks to FeltonFan irooloo, we also have an interview Tom gave during his Greek sojourn. Here is a lovely Google-worthy translation. You can read the original Greek including a short interview with Evanna by clicking here.

“I enjoy nothing but the role of evil in the films Harry Potter” stated Tom Felton, who played the “fraudulent” Draco Malfoy has determined to destroy everything good that exists within the Chogkouarnts this sixth episode. The 21 year old Felton was the protagonist from the first “Harry Potter”, back in 2001. “I think this film series is for me a tremendous opportunity to then make a remarkable career in the field,” said the young actress, who has already participated in other productions, television and film. Impressed, who knew his music … performance, the Felton said that “with great interest to the music, also do courses from small, playing various instruments and compose their own melodies. At the moment I see as a hobby but I like the future to become my main profession. Slightly tired from staying in our country because of his obligations, he said he would like to return in the future to visit our islands, and when we talked about the holidays … resented, “ouf, release it by tomorrow to London to start shooting again. Rubbish! “. Always cheerful and benign, we embraced, the renewed appointment with us for the next “Harry Potter” and when I asked him to “protruding” who wants to make career in cinema, he said with typical British accent, “or discussion of Hollywood , England and only England! “.

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  1. On-line translations always reserve nice surprises, and I’m often reminded of when I was learning English at school at some point, especially when I’m reading the mistakes! That’s too good!

    With Love,


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