Here comes the Draco of the Dragon Con: Tom Felton to head to Atlanta

Tom Felton has updated his fans on his Twitter page that he is, in fact, heading to Atlanta, Georgia for, I assume, Dragon Con! If you’re able to go, meet up with the totally awesome Feltbeats Army! You can help promote and hang out with the Best-Mostly-Female-Army-Since-The-Amazonians (and they might not have even been real!).

Here’s Tom Felton’s Tweet:

Shall I do nothing today? I’m off to Atlanta tomorrow, so does that justify doing nothing for 24 hours?

Have fun Tom Felton and the Feltbeaters, and anyone else who goes!

15 thoughts on “Here comes the Draco of the Dragon Con: Tom Felton to head to Atlanta

  1. WOOOOOOO!!!!!

    I’m so fired up! It’s going to be wonderful! I’m going to meet Tom (ROWR!) and spend some time with some Fabulous Army Members.

    We’ll do our very best to keep everyone at informed all weekend. We’ve got several cameras, video cameras, laptops and cell phones ready for service. Most importantly, we’ll have a FANTASTIC team behind the scenes able to post our activities as quick as possible. Thanks, Ladies!

    We’ve got a great opportunity to promote Tom to a new audience. Here’s wishing us all Good Luck! And safe travels for Tom and the Army members attending.

  2. And don’t forget to join us for the Thriller dance if you are at DragonCon!

    The Feltbeats team is going to be dancing, and we’ll have matching sashes to identify us. We’ll have some extra, so if you want to dance as part of the Feltbeats team, stop by our table and let us know! 😀

  3. omg i had every mind to skip school and come but unless they cancel school at the last minute, im not going to make it. 🙁 maybe next time. me and my friend are in louisiana, (not that far when you think about it) so if anything happens here, I’ll definitely be there. anyone know of anything that could/would happen in Louisiana that he could attend??

  4. I live right down the street from where this is gonna be held at. If I had money, I would totally go! I just have to hang around outside :]

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