Tom Felton & Daniel Radcliffe make the world a BRAVO place.

Who here is the bad character?

The latest issue of the international BRAVO magazine, Germany edition, is chock-full of Tom related goodness. Thanks to FeltonFan Estrella89san for sending in the scans. This time they are sharing a similar article to one we previously reported of Tom with Daniel Radcliffe that was printed in their Polish edition.

Did I mention that it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who photoshopped Tom’s Twitpic of himself and Dan? How cool is it that they used his pic for their article? Scroll down below the translation and you’ll see what I mean.

I apologize for not posting this lovely translation of the Polish article given to me by Lily707. I swear it got lost in my inbox. Sorry! I have a fairly good idea that the German and Polish articles are basically saying the same thing. Do you think so? I don’t speak either language, so I’ll let you decide. 😉

The performer of the role of Harry Potter is no longer the only favourite of fans. He has got a rival- Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy.

“I’m a “bad character” who lives in order to ‘torture’ Harry,” said Tom about his role in HP. Does it mean a war also in their private life?

“We aren’t enemies. We love each other, really!” says Tom.

:Of course we’re friends!” confirmed Daniel.

They could easily not have become a friends when, over the years, Tom was in Daniel’s shadow, but the last film changed a lot.

“In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, at last I could demonstrate that this role was really for me. In this film I’m more frightening. Finally, Draco has the opportunity to kick some ass. It was great! It is Much more interesting to play the ‘bad guy’ than the ‘good boy'” says Tom.

Now, Tom is just as famous as Dan. Maybe it’s because women prefer the bad boys? No! In his private life, Tom isn’t a bad guy. Cheeky and devoid of feelings? It’s only Draco.

Radcliffe is his opposite – a nice, courteous boy who always stands on guard of the justice? It’s Harry, not Daniel. It is easily makes him nervous.

“I don’t mind if a young lady will like me because I’m a star. God, I’m still young!” says Daniel.

Does it mean that Tom has got a chance to become the most famous guy from “Harry Potter”?

11 thoughts on “Tom Felton & Daniel Radcliffe make the world a BRAVO place.

  1. You know, I’m from Poland and actually have the magazine 😀 I’ll try to translate it soon and also send a scan from article 😉

  2. “In his private life, Tom isn’t a bad guy. Cheeky and devoid of feelings? It’s only Draco.”

    This actually stole a smile from my lips, for how Draco’s being resumed, compared to the one bringing him to life onto the screen, recalled me of a fan-fic I tried to read a while ago, to better drop it. Cheeky, yes. Devoid of feelings? Only on the surface, only on the surface…

    With Love,


  3. Honestly, the german bravo article ist basically made up of quotes from Tom’s and Dan’s BBC Cricket interview..
    Kinda boring and dissapointing 🙁
    and I left a small translation for the polish magazin in the forum where someone posted it.
    From what I read, they’re totally different^^

  4. oh, I didn’t know that there was an article about tom in ‘our’ bravo.
    seems like i have to buy it soon xD

    thanks for uploading <3

  5. The article also says that Jade brought them together…I’m wondering if that’s true (just because it’s written by BRAVO), but if so, it would be great.

  6. ‘It is much more interesting to play the ”bad guy” than the ”good boy”’,says Tom.

    Hells to the yeah!
    It’s also much more sexy!

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