Where in the world is Tom Felton?

Now that Tom is done with his journey through Orlando and Universal Studios, he’s taken a much needed vacation, and according to his Twitter, it’s closer to the equator. Tom decided to tease us this fine Saturday afternoon with a little guessing game to figure out quite exactly where.

Ok tweeps so we’ve hopped on a plane, now in paradise. Any guess where we are? X

Then he decided to tease us some more before finally revealing his exciting vacation destination.

Clue it’s not Hawaii x

And the answer is Cabo San Lucas! Just got here yesterday, absolutely beautiful! X

For those of you unaware, Cabo San Lucas is located on the western coast of Mexico on the tip of the Baja California peninsula. Have some fun in the sun, Tom!

13 thoughts on “Where in the world is Tom Felton?

  1. Now he’s really much closer from me than when he is in England.

    Have a great time Tom!

    Lucky Tom, it’s beautiful there!

    Greetings from Mexico City!


  2. So, that’s where you’re up to, now, Honey? For I was starting to find also strange that you weren’t heading straight back home, I must say. And BINGO! You’ve done it again! Let’s hop into a plane* *lol* I’d love to visit Mexico one day, and heard of Cabo San Lucas across the many books on the country i’ve got home. Enjoy your vacation, and rest well!

    With Love,


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