40 thoughts on “Kai Z Feng posts new photo of Tom Felton on Twitter

  1. Waiting impatiently for the magazine to come online so I can see them all. Any idea when it really will come out?

    They got his blue eyes so dark and sparkling, nice!

  2. I LOVE the smirk!!! My Blackberry’s new home picture!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. The photographer at Drama Magizine is right in his article, you do not take a bad picture. Even your own are perfect. Those eyes just jump out at you and reel you in. Please keep those pictures coming!!!

  3. not only does he look great, that is also fantastic photo work. I cna’t wait for the other pics to be out so we can see all of them

  4. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *faints* *faints* *drool* && SCREAM !!
    I just fell out of my bed, and i think my laptop almost broke ! :S …
    oh man Kai Z Feng is genius, he is such a Fantastic Photographer and DAYUM…TOM, he sld relli relli consider doing modelling 😉 he wld be so Perfect 😀 I LOVE ALL HIS PICTURES, HE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL ! 🙂 U r AMazing TOM ! Luv u xoxo 😀 lodz of luv from Canada, and from me (@fr@)…
    p.s- this pic is making so hard for me to breathe and oh man its giving me goosebumps !! in a very Good way though 😀 I hope i meet him one day !! i relli relli hope so . He is such a incredible person, great personality, good role model, Brilliant Actor, and oh man i can go on and on about him !! 😀 Follow him on Twitter everybody !! 🙂

  5. Very different, very mischievious, I can tell by the grin. I love the angle of the light reflecting on the camera’s lens he’s holding into his hands, as it has been really taken outside on a sunny day. My screensaver’s truly taking shape, this time!

    With Love,


  6. the flash kinda distracted me and my vision. but the pic’s impact is so *can’t think of the right word* blah! Kai Z. Feng is a genius and of course, the model, is so HOT!

  7. Tom, that is an absolute wonderful picture of you! I really love your pictures! Keep going with your pictures! You really look great!

  8. OMG so hot!! i love his eyes they are amazingg!!!! i think im going to move to the uk noww!!!! i have a citizenshipp there so i dont even have to apply for one!! SUCKERSSSSS 🙂

  9. i love it, i love it, I LOVE IT!!! XD go Tom! it’s your birthday! got all that finess! ok i’ma stop now. lol but really outstanding. absolutely outstanding! =D

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