Tom Felton Smirks in New Kai Z. Feng Photograph

Earlier today, Tom Felton tweeted that he’d updated his ReverbNation profile, his new page dedicated to his music that we told you about yesterday [you know, he posted that one new song on it… what was it called? Let’s Take It Back!]. Little did we know that it was a new Kai Z. Feng picture he’d added to his gallery! If you haven’t already seen it, it’s available either on Tom’s ReverbNation page or in our Gallery [along with all of his other Kai Z. Feng pictures!] Don’t forget to Become a Fan of Tom Felton’s Music on ReverbNation!

Yes, this is the picture!!:

11 thoughts on “Tom Felton Smirks in New Kai Z. Feng Photograph

  1. he’s got that “yout talkin to me? boy i ain’t got time for you!” kinda a look goin on. lol wow i’m so wierd. XP awesome pic though.

  2. I completely love this guys expressions!! Haha.

    Buttt… doesn’t he look like he’s trying to ride an imaginary motorbike, just a little bit? (okay. A lot.)
    Or am I a freak? :p

    But, the Kai Z Feng pics are HOT .

  3. Their sunglasses haha and this is adorable so going to be my desktop and phone wallpaper! love you tom!!

  4. aaaw! so hot! it is almost like the original Draco Malfoy smirk, but with a lot of Tom is in-not like a mean person 😉 even tho i like Draco too-I LOVE YOU, TOM!
    Luv Ya TONS, Tom!
    your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

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