Bravo Girl features Tom Felton in a Magazine-Game

Once again, @TomFeltonFans_ comes through and shares scans of Bravo Girl!

In an in-magazine game, Böser Zauber, which translates to Bad Charm (linguists out there, feel free to correct me), Draco features prominently. Which means our boy is the largest face on the page!


Slip into the role of Draco Malfoy and fight at the side of the bad one, himself, Lord Voldemort!

Thanks @TomFeltonFans_

13 thoughts on “Bravo Girl features Tom Felton in a Magazine-Game

  1. When I used to be a child, there plenty of board games like that into Disney’s teen magazines I was reading then. Wish I could be a child again! It was so good!

    With Love,


  2. I’d so love to play the game. It sounds like a great fun, from what I can understand.

    Btw, I think “Böser Zauber” should probably be translated as “dark arts”. I’m not completely sure, though.

  3. ok i try it .. but my english isn’t the best! LOL

    so you play it:

    you need gamefigures and a dice. the oldest player dices first. if you come on an actionfield, you have to dice one times. the eyenumbers says, if you have won or losed.

    if you dice 1,2 or 3: very good, exercise exist and it goes on again.

    if you dice 4,5 or 6: you have to expusure a round, because you didn’t exist the exercise. the player, who is as first on the aim, with 1,2 or 3, is the winner.

    hmm .. sorry for my bay english :S i hope you can read it and please correct my mistakes (:

  4. Well, I think, you could translate “Böser Zauber” with “bad charm”, I’d have translated it with evil magic, I think there’s no big difference…
    Think I have to call my friend, she’s got the magazine. LOL.

  5. RingCon sucks!! Thanks to the brilliant organisers who somehow aren’t able to put a simple comment online about the changes in programme I wasted A LOT of time and money.
    And there is not really much to see in Bonn anyway, how about trying Munich, Hamburg or Berlin next time?!

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