A Dramatic Tom Felton Is Interviewed In This Week’s BRAVO Magazine

Thanks to Feltbeats Junior Admin Estrella89san and FeltonFan Sabkay for scanning and translating the latest issue of Germany’s BRAVO Magazine which features an interview chockful of insight into Tom’s plans after Harry Potter. In the interview, Tom mentions work on his upcoming album, posing for the “extreme” photos in DRAMA Magazine, and his hopes in attending college like co-star Emma Watson after he finishes filming in April, 2010.

On the Cinema Screen, he’s playing the mean Boy Who Stands on the Side of the Evil. Thus we know Tom Felton, which makes the life of his schoolmate Harry Potter as Draco Malfoy hell.

But now there are Pictures appeared in the British “Drama” Magazine, which show him completely differently. In former times he wouldn’t have dared photos like that. But now, SURE! And that’s not the only Change in his life, that Tom told BRAVO….

Bravo: There are some really crass Photos of you appeared…

Tom: Oh yes! (Laugh) The Pictures are totally crazy, or?

Bravo: Yes, but also a bit extreme. Why did you take pictures of such kind?

Tom: I wanted to try something new and show people that I’m not only the guy from the Harry Potter Movies. Most of them are thinking that I’m still 12 years old. I became recently 22. I grew up, want to test my border now and change – even if it will shock the people.

Bravo: Would you please tell us from the Shooting: Was it fun, being a Model?

Tom: Fun yes – But a real Model, that’s nothing for me. Just let me say: I did behave very oafishly while they were Shooting… (laugh)

Bravo: What did you think, as you saw the Pictures the first time?

Tom: I was totally surprised. But afterward I’m really happy, that I jumped over my Shadow and trusted myself.

Bravo: Will you jump over your shadow at the Film set and play other Roles?

Tom: Off course! After the end of Harry Potter I will do really new things. All offers, at which I would normally say: ‘No, I don’t want to do this’ – that’s the roles I want to play! It is just like a fight against me!

Bravo: For your role you needed your hair bleached for years. Will you change that?

Tom: Even if I’m used to the blond hairs now, after the filming of Harry Potter in April 2010, I will not bleach my hair any longer. So, now it is public! (laugh)

Bravo: what are the changes which coming up?

Tom: So much! At the moment I’m working on some songs and a new Album, which will come out in the next winter. I love to sing and playing guitar.

Bravo: What is more important to you: Music or Acting?

Tom: I would like to combine both. I’d like to play in films, but I would love to write the soundtracks for the movie, too. That is my biggest dream! Although, there is one more thing….

Bravo: And that would be…?

Tom: I’d like to study

Bravo: Really? Did you make a request already?

Tom: Yes, and there are a few Universities that would take me. But they are not as Ivy League as Brown, where Emma is going. Apparently she is smarter like I am! (laugh) Nevertheless I hardly can wait to start.

Bravo: Sounds like you would enjoy being again in School.

Tom: Strange thing, but Yes! In school days, I did hate school, but I have changed extremely!

23 thoughts on “A Dramatic Tom Felton Is Interviewed In This Week’s BRAVO Magazine

  1. Nothing could please me more than reading that you’re actually planning to attend College after Harry Potter has ended, Thomas, and that in fact, a few Universities would love to count you amongst their students, too.

    Please, let us know which one will you finally go to, as well as your degree. It’s the wisest and greatest decision you could make, Honey. I’m right behind you.

    With Love,


  2. I also applaud Tom’s goal of college. As fans we have seen him almost every year for 10 years, but he is really very, very young and needs an education that will service him the rest of his life beyond movies. Good Luck!

  3. Haa I can’t wait until 2010 when he stops dying his hair! It will be interesting to see his natural hair colour. You can see it in pics from when his hair was short, but it’s not long enough to tell. Anyways, I think he should keep it longish. It looks good on him. 🙂

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  5. Bravo: What is more important to you: Music or Acting?

    Tom: I would like to combine both. I’d like to play in films, but I would love to write the soundtracks for the movie, too.

    Me: Just like fellow Harry Potter actor, Robert Pattinson, who acted in and made some tracks for the soundtrack of Twilight. GO TOM!!!

  6. Glad to see you’ll be following your musical, acting, and university dreams, Tom. You may not be as smart as Emma (in your words, not mine), but you have tremendous talent. Can’t wait to see what you have in your future. Good luck!

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  8. The photos of him sure are shocking and fantastic at the same time.
    It’s great that his pursuing his dreams.
    ……..I don’t really know what is his natural hair color… I wonder what he looks like…
    … whatever, as long as he is happy.

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