New/Old Tom Felton HBP Press Junket Polish Interview

Remember all those videos that we posted when Half-Blood Prince premiered? Well, it looks like we have another one to show you [although I’m pretty sure he talks about the DVD, so it might be that this was just released]. The interview is in Polish, so if any of our Polish fans would like to translate, that would be much appreciated.

Here is the Interview


7 thoughts on “New/Old Tom Felton HBP Press Junket Polish Interview

  1. Here is a translation that my mum tried to explain to me. I focused on the interviews rather than the speach inbetween.
    Hope it makes sense! 🙂

    Intro: Harry Potter has been made in 67 languages and released in 200 countries.


    Yates: The key thing of the story is about maturing and discovering the world. Discovering the limits, by a complicated process which is shown by this story.

    Speaker: Dan has earned £20 million

    Rupert: All the kissing is always embarrassing

    Yates: as they age they are becoming better actors.

    Emma: It’s quite difficult emotionally and physically. It’s tough and exhausting to do more stunts. Hermione has increasingly more action scenes.

    Tom: A large number of people were responsible for computer generated pictures. They had an option to do everything in CGI but didn’t. They did as many action scenes with the stunts then added CGI later.

    Gambon: Simple technique to make me younger – super glue under my wig and held my fat up, to stretch my face to look younger. So i just had to act younger.

    Dan: The film is full of laughs, with young actors and hormones and generally it is fantastic.

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