“Harry’s not half as fun,” says Tom Felton About Daniel Radcliffe in New Interview with Go Aften Danmark

In a new interview with Go Aften Danmark to discuss the upcoming release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on DVD and Blu-Ray, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and James and Oliver Phelps discuss Harry Potter the character, and the man behind the glasses, Daniel Radcliffe.

The interviewer speaks in Danish, but thankfully not everyone else. If someone would like to translate the interview questions for us, please leave a comment!

7 thoughts on ““Harry’s not half as fun,” says Tom Felton About Daniel Radcliffe in New Interview with Go Aften Danmark

  1. translation:
    “the popular Harry Potter saga is soon coming to and end. While waiting for the big finally, we’ve send our reporter Ann Lind Andersen to the “Eastern Studios” a little outside of London. Here, she met Harry Potter, known as Daniel Radcliffe.”
    “we’ve followed the boy with the magical talents and the scar in the forehead throughout six films now. And in the latest, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter is really starting to become an adult and in love. Daniel Radcliffe has played the role as Harry Potter since he was 11 years old; the role he has gotten so famous for, that sometimes there can be some confusion as to who is who.”
    “but then according to the rest of the crew, what is really the difference between Harry and Daniel?”
    “what is Daniel’s oppinion?”
    “It can seem bizarre to the rest of us when we see Daniel Radcliffe in other roles than Harry Potter.”
    “And if you can’t wait till the next film comes out,you can rewatch Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on DVD or blue-ray, which comes out tomorrow here in Denmark.”

  2. I loved especially how Thomas emphasized on the fact that both he and Daniel enjoyed spending their time together at cricket. His swinging move was very close of the one employed for golf, though. *grin*

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