Daniel Radcliffe: “Tom Felton’s performance one of the best”

In a recent interview with MTV, Daniel Radcliffe was asked what he thought was the reason Half Blood Prince connected with audiences. He went on to call Tom’s performance one of the best in the film!


 Make sure you listen for Dan’s description of Ron and Lavenders relationship. It’s priceless!

Thanks to Eva for the tip!

8 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe: “Tom Felton’s performance one of the best”

  1. Well we all knew that!!! LOL! Truly, Tom stole every scene. I went with 2 friends who told me that the movie convinced them to be Tom fans! 😀

  2. Felton pretty much was the man in HP6. It brings me back to HP1 when he first introduces himself to HP. Brilliant. Why don’t you just keep the hair blond during filming? all that dying can’t be good for the locks. 🙂

  3. He is absolutly amazing in the HP films. I think I actually screamed/squealed in the theaters when he came on screen. lol. All my friends make fun of my obsession calling me “Tom’s girl” though I keep repeating, “He already has an f-ing gorgeous girlfriend. :(” lol. oh well, I’ll keep dreaming!

  4. Its true…since tom done his best in every scene….draco malfoys emotions reached to every people…The best scene was bathroom scene when draco fought with Harry Potter…n got injured ….

  5. That’s really generous of Daniel. Most actors would not give their castmates so much praise, they are too self centered. He is a nice guy, take good care of him Tom! God friends are not easy to find.

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