Tom Felton On TMZ

It has come to our attention that TMZ caught up with Tom Felton walking in LA today.

Supposedly @tomfelton was on tmz just now. Anyone see it? Or better yet, have a recording? What was he doing?:) @tmzonline

RT @miss_mandy25: @feltbeats they ask him if he’ll be in a porno based on Potter and what he’s up to next Tom says “bigger n better things”

TMZ is shown locally in syndication so check your local listings. We hope to have video of his appearance as soon as possible!


UPDATE: Here’s the video:


Thanks to SpectraLynn for re-upload it to YouTube.

Thanks to Angela for the tip!

59 thoughts on “Tom Felton On TMZ

  1. all right. I love Tom. Obviously.
    However. I disliked what they just asked him. That was really rude. Sorry. But..
    that is just my opinion. 🙁
    He also looked a bit uncomfortable on there…..

      • So do I!

        How such questions can be asked?! Not only they were rude, but also very inappropriate!

        Yet, despite his obvious discomfort, Thomas handled it very well. I couldn’t have done it any better. I never knew how to face such situation myself…

        With Love,


        • I am just glad that people agree with me. I mean. For me TMZ is on prime time television. That means a variety of audience can see it a lot. All right. I am an a girl who is 18. But how would little girls feel about Draco Malfoy talking about porn? their parents would freak.

          • I just hope Tom doesn’t think that all americans are Perverts. But, at least now he knows that LA is the most dangerous place to be if your a celeb, lol. 🙂

    • Yes, that’s absolutely what I am thinking.
      He may look good in this video, but I don’t think he was amused about that….
      Being “attacked” like that while walking in the streets.
      And their questions and remarks on his answers were not very nice…

    • I sooo agree! I actually hate watching TMZ because I feel like they’re so rude to every celeb they interview! Some don’t handle it well but some do – like Tom. He did well, very witty. And he looked good too! I’m sure TMZ wasn’t expecting him to handle those questions so smoothly.

  2. Actually I found a way to get videos from different sites using Firefox and then converting the file extension to flv. From there there you convert flv to wmv. Piece of cake. 🙂

    • I believe so, why? Didn’t you know Tom smoked? It’s not a big deal. Many people are smokers. He prob drinks and has sex too. 😉

      • That’s right. My mother’s a smoker, too, and knows how to stay reasonable.

        Besides, it’s more important to notice than Thomas has put whatever was remaining of his cigarette into the trash bin, after crushing it in the ashtray, as he was about to walk inside the store.

        With Love,


      • I really thought he was cleverer than that. It’s not healthy!! (In contrast to sex!)And that many people do it doesn’t make it any better!
        This is not about morals. It’s about a living thing: Tom’s body. That beautiful body that carries him everywhere, carries out every movement he wants to do, lets him experience sun, fun, sound, touch, sex and all the things worth living for. This body is his partner in life and always there for him. Therefore he should value it and not treat it like shit!

        • I’m with you on this one. I’m quite disappointed to find out that he smokes. I had hoped he would be smarter than that. Plus now when I think of him singing I imagine smokers breath. Yuck.

        • Yes, it IS his body and so he should be able to do ANYTHING he wants to it without being judged or scolded on how he treats it. For goodness sake, there are other things a person does to their body that’s worse.

  3. Quite apart from the obvious rudeness of this little episode, I have a question: does anybody know any actual porn films based on anything resembling the Harry Potter universe? 🙂

    • No, but there is plenty of salacious fan fiction out there. And I did see this thing on YouTube with the G.I. Joe characters and HP characters (toys) working together and there was plenty of blue humor as well as porno-like scenes in it involving the Trio.

  4. OMG! He smokes! My heart just got shattered into a million pieces. I always thought he didn’t smoke, since I never saw pics of him holding a cigarette or something. Anyways, back to reality. I love TMZ but I disliked how they treated Tom. Sorry, but for me, it’s a bit rude. Kinda belittling too. Like saying that he can’t do bigger and better things. Come on, he’s off to more things. He’s talented and I’ll always love him even if he smokes. Ugh. Too sad about that anywho, I shall recover. GO TOM! I still love you. I believe you’ll achieve better things in life. More power to you.

    Love Lots,

  5. OMT! That was horrible! How can people DO that. That’s just really screwed up. Ugh! Gee that made my good mood take a major dive. :@

  6. I think I’m going to have to refuse to watch this one. TMZ is always full of crap. I feel bad for Tom (and anyone else who has to deal with TMZ.)

  7. No kidding, if e.g. porn stars die before they taubat nasuha (regret and stop their commit adultery completely) they will enter hell.

    Don’t know what time our death, right?

  8. HAHA It made me laugh. He did handle it well. I love how high his voice gets when he ask “are you serious?”
    Plus I have to admit that I’m pretty happy they mention my husbad Sean Biggerstaff. It’s also always made me laugh that he played a guy who’s last name is wood, and his real last name is Biggertaff. Inuendos much?

  9. Sexual innuendo is taken for wit these days, and he was uncomfortable. LOL, I thought he was nervous and biting at his fingernail, but he is smoking. Something I think, he has been quiet about and would rather not have been seen doing.

    This was a totally unfair thing to happen, god, let the guy walk around unmolested, he already is great and accomodating in interviews.

    I didn’t like this at all.

  10. I didn’t like this at all; TMZ was way too rude. Okay, he’s a celebrity, and alright, he’s walking the streets of Los Angeles. That does NOT make him fair game, and it doesn’t give anyone the right to ask obnoxious questions like that. He looks so uncomfortable, poor guy. :/

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