According to BRAVO, you, too, can do it like Tom Felton

Thanks to Estrella89san for once again snagging up the most recent issue of German teen mag BRAVO for us. This particular issue features Tom as an answer in the short quiz “How much luck do you have in love?” If you score mostly A’s, you are “Type Tom – the Lucky Fellow.” You are able to see love quite clearly, but you will always check first before you give your heart away.

8 thoughts on “According to BRAVO, you, too, can do it like Tom Felton

    • There is only one more type: B = the unlucky fellow, of course 😉
      They that have frequent crushs and always think it’s the one without checking deeper whether they really match. (And later get disappointed.)
      Well, unlike Tom “who knows the difference between a flirt and love”. Wow!

      • Awwwww, I’m glad that at least some people know how great he is! when I mention Tom,I almost always have to explain who I’m talking about.It make me sad 🙁

        • I can rely to your sadness, Honey, for some years ago, I’ve had basically to explain whoever were my favorites actors, let them be English or Americans, to a person who went to the movies without knowing anything about them!

          It’s frustrating, I know!

          With Love,


  1. I’m most likely the kind to think and check out twice before to give my heart away to anyone else, just like Thomas.

    Probably because I’ve been dealing with folks loving me more out of interest than for myself in recent years, therefore I’ve grown a certain distrust, even how obvious one was in love with me.

    Stating, I’ve been building my own luck ever since, and like it better like that, anyway. Just a thought, Thomas.

    With Love,


  2. omg xD I’ve been working on a german presentation for the last few weeks and had to show it in class today and had to read a german book and now have to write about it.
    Now, everytime I do something that had nothing to do with that, I somehow get German stuff everywhere.. can’t read any more german. btw im Dutch xD

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