What once was wet: Pics of a dry Tom Felton at London HBP Premiere

Remember last summer when the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was rained on? Ever wondered what Tom looked like in that fabulous suit dry? Thanks to Premiere Pictures, we now have pics of Tom from later in the evening, after the rain had gone.

You can see more pics of a dry Tom here in our galleries.

8 thoughts on “What once was wet: Pics of a dry Tom Felton at London HBP Premiere

  1. Oh, yes,I remember that summer’s day of HBP premiére when it poured so, so much, and where it was at though water was going to flood over London’s streets.

    Then Thomas came up with the reply in a interview that the rain was due to Voldemort, whom didn’t like anything nice. To which I’m responding gleefully today when we’re having such weather like this, we’re saying (at least in my family), than those from above aren’t very happy, because we’re not getting any wiser(spiritualy speaking, of course) faster than we should, by not doing what we must properly.

    Good to know the rain stopped by the evening, although I’ve still a picture on my PC where Thomas’s smiling, holding an umbrella beneath it. It’s maybe cliché, but I’m quite fond of it.

    With Love,


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