Smile Tom Felton, you’re at the airport!

New pictures of Tom with some fans at the airport in Berlin are now online. We also have a short video of Tom signing autographs while carrying his trusty guitar strapped to his back. We hope he’s thinking up some new tunes while he goes down that line. 😉

You can see more new photos of Tom in Berlin here in our galleries.

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21 thoughts on “Smile Tom Felton, you’re at the airport!

    • Thomas’s eyes aren’t grey, like Draco’s, but blue! *lol*

      When he’s posing like this, he’s truly getting me thinking of a cat, you know? A young cat, asking for a caress and to be hugged…

      How can anyone think to say “NO”?

      Just saw on Twitter that he was watching “Shutter Island” at the current time. Good news: I’m planning to see that movie too, tomorrow, if weather allows it.

      With Love,


      • lol. i’m probably color blind when it comes to telling people the colors of their eyes. thanks for correcting me.

        true a very lovable cat. if i ever have one it will remind me of Tom.

        This year I’m gonna ask my friends to teach me playing the guitar. he got me interested in music. i heard his songs and it is AWESOME.

        wish i could watch the movies sadly, my schedule does not allow that for the time being. i hope you enjoy your movie watching


  1. Hi,

    I see that you took those pictures from my website.
    It is okay to post them, but why did you cut the copyright?
    Please post them with the copyright of TinaRadshine, she is the one who took the pictures.

    Thank you very much

    • Tina is a good friend of mine and she gave me that pictures to post them. Therefore I used her copyright and she would appreciate if you used it also.

      We are always willing to give those pictures out to you, that is no problem, but please with credits to her.

      Thanks for your understanding

  2. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe he’s getting tired of people constantly taking pics of him doing everyday stuff? He looks vaguely irritated(his smile doesn’t touch his eyes). If I were him I’d be ready to punch someone.

  3. Yeah, so I just have the urge to zip that pocket on his guitar case up. Or shout something immature like “XYZ” [is that from another era? LOL… it’s gonna be sad if you guys don’t know what that stands for].

    Also, he looks so freaking tired. He’s got an airport look.

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