German Paparrazi catch Tom Felton in… Miami?

German website Erd Beer Lounge caught Tom earlier this year when he was on the beach in Miami. Short, yet sweet, clip of Tom soaking in the sun and sweat.

A rough translation from the original German:

Harry Potter makes a break. Harry Potter actor Tom Felton, which stands as an enemy of Harry Potter as Draco Malfoy in front of the camera, seems to need a vacation very urgently, because he relaxes in Miami Beach. And he no longer looks as pale as Harry Potter’s foe. The holiday seems to get really good for him.

10 thoughts on “German Paparrazi catch Tom Felton in… Miami?

    • Yeah, it seems Thomas wanted clearly to get a point across, from what I can tell of his body language, and looks like he did!

      Hum, this video was done on his last day on Miami, because of the clothing he’s wearing. And he couldn’t look no longer pale as Draco, since he had to wear sunscreen cream 50 at all time!

      With Love,


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