“Remember Me” Premiere Dejavu for Tom Felton

958CapitalFMLondon interviews Tom Felton on Red Carpet for “Remember Me” Premiere. Among other comments, such as his relief that it isn’t raining, as he predicts it will be come November, Tom says he supports Robert Pattinson in his career because he gives hope to young Harry Potter actors that there is a life after Potter. Tom also talks about the filming he’s been doing for Harry Potter and The Apparition.

Here’s the video (Tom Felton is right at the beginning):

9 thoughts on ““Remember Me” Premiere Dejavu for Tom Felton

  1. Thomas is filled up with enthusiasm as ever, when it comes to share his impressions during a interview! Geez! He’s so exicted when he does so, I’m really getting an hard time to pick up his pace, slow down Thomas, please!

    With Love,


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